Custom T-Shirts, Trend Typography

Do not limit creativity!

Regardless of how wild the message or the creative is, we advise you to give free rein to your imagination.Custom t-shirts, trend typography, wear them!The style of the type is essential in the printing of a personalized t-shirt.Sources broken, with effects, sources that create sensations.

In the end the most important thing is that the message of your company, business and even if you want to make a gift to your friend is to be a unique message.

Do I want to create sensations?Or do I want it to read perfectly?

In this question is the key to everything.Although they say that ideally the message of the personalized t-shirt, typography, is read from the other end of the room, many times that effect does not matter to us and what we want is more to offer sensations, originality, expectation and impact.

Having clear the main objective will help you when choosing a more readable typography or choose a typographic style that may not be completely readable but fulfills our purpose of design and image.

Trend typography

In order to inspire you in your custom t-shirt designs, typefaces, ezinereligion has prepared tips and trend information in typography, so that you can be among the most current trend types that can be adapted to your goals.

Sans serif, read damn read!

Or dry stick letter, without endings, super readable !, although for some a little bland, the messages are very clear and you can make very interesting minimalist compositions.

Cool Helvetica, the coolest helvetica

It has that cool touch, while still being a classic.We bet for helvetica but more if it’s cool!

Cooper Black, the pop type

With that romantic style of the 70, a type that combines art and modernity.

Kern adjusted … and … voluntary!Hey?

Who puts the measure to kerning?Sometimes a tight kerning can give a very good result.

Ultra Typography

Ultra bold or ultra light.The case is to be ultra and raise your message to maximum or minimum expression.

Treat them all!

When it comes to delivering your T-shirt with the design, all important, to draw the types, that is, transform them into drawings, is the only way for the print provider to recognize the drawing of your typography.

Be that as it may, the important thing is to put imagination and follow some tendencies and tricks when creating custom t-shirts with typefaces.Although there is a professional technique and designers like to follow a rule, sometimes the grace is to break it!