Crowdfunding Jewels: iPhone-Lensbaby, XY and Epicdock

CURVED presents you the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext every week. Today with a Lensbaby lens for the iPhone, a chic dock for all smartphones, and a small printer that rolls over the paper.

Creative Focus Lens: Lensbaby for iPhone

DSLR photographers enjoy the Lensbaby lenses of already great popularity. Keep a small focused area with big blurry edges. You can easily change the focused spot due to the flexibility of the lenses. On Kickstarter, the manufacturer now raises money for the first iPhone version of its lenses. For $50, and $15, shipping the Lensbabys come to you home. Pre-orders are possible until May 2, 2014.

Epicdock: Beautiful Put iPhones and Android Smartphones

The EpicDock does not distinguish between iPhones and Android smartphones, but uses the set cell phones only due to its size limits. More than 7.6 cm may not wide his and not thicker than 1.9 cm – including shell, of course. Guide rail for a lightning – or micro-USB cable is available, so you can recharge your Smartphone in the dock.

The material, you have the choice between black or silver aluminum, cherry wood, Maple or walnut. 27 April 2014, you can support the project on kickstarter. Equivalent, you pay around 39 euros ($39 and $15 for shipping) for the EpicDock. For additional $10, you can provide the dock with a laser engraving.

XY: Smartphone and Bluetooth Tags Key Find

The XY Bluetooth tags can attach, her key ring purse or any other object, which you constantly moved. With the app on your Smartphone, it is then easy to find the missing things. Are the tags outside of the Bluetooth-RADIUS, the app displays the last known location.

Also, you can activate an alarm beeping as soon as the tagged item leaves the range of smartphones. A single costs you $35 XY-tag at kickstarter. For $45, your a three pack – each plus $10 get shipping costs. Equivalent rates of about 33 and about 40 euro arise. The funding period ends on April 21, 2014.

Solartab: Sonnenernergie for Your Smartphone or Tablet

The Solartab absorbs the energy of the Sun and stores them in its internal battery, that mAh with a capacity of 13,000, enough to recharge an iPad more than once. The solar charger is about the size of a 10-inch Tablet and loads up its two USB ports at the same time two devices.

The micro-USB connector is used to recharge the internal battery to an electrical outlet. The cover protects not only the solar panel, but also serves as a base, with you most aligns the surface to the Sun. Until April 30, 2014 you can still a Solartab for $99 and $30 shipping – secure together equivalent to about 93 euro – at kickstarter.

Mini Mobile Robotic Printer: Small Printer Rolls of Paper

Soon you can print from the Internet on the go: the small mini mobile robotic printer of Zuta Labs fit with a size of 10 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm and a weight of 300 g in the laptop or Pocket. Via Bluetooth, it receives but also print data from smartphones and tablets. For an A4 page, it needs about 40 seconds, is set but not on certain paper sizes.

The battery lasts but needed less than an hour, three hours to recharge. The black ink cartridge is sufficient for 1000 pages of A4; for the future, the developers also hope to be able to offer a color variant. The prototype currently uses 96 x 192 dpi print, the final version will have a higher resolution. Until May 10, 2014, you can support the project on kickstarter. For 220 dollars including shipping – equivalent to about 160 euros – the printer comes in January 2015 to you home.