COS (Collection of Style) Bets Again for The ‘Minimal’ for The Spring 2011

The firm COS (Collection of Style) belonging to the all powerful Swedish retailer H & M has just introduced their lookbook for this Spring-summer 2011. A proposal that continues the line of previous collections, betting for the minimalism and the very refined cuts.

Simple silhouettes and straight patterns, in outfits looking very relaxed. Garments comfortable aspect in outfits fleeing complicated overlaps or very daring mixtures.

A austere color palette and very sober in which prevail light gray, white and black tones very natural land and a wide range of Blues. The strongest note put it some touch in Yellow or accents in indigo blue and ink.


In terms of materials opt for cottons most of them organic, linens, point of summer, Poplin, a fine denim very suitable for summer temperatures, in addition to some more technical as in nylon fabric.

The key of the collection is a mixture of smart style of jackets, pants, cardigans and shirts or a raincoat, with garments much more casual, as anoraks aspect very sporty or t-shirts, shorts & much more basic. To fit, a simple leather sandals It combined with each and every one of the looks.