Coral Jade: Is It Worth It?

Good morning to all lovers of fashion, designers, stylists and also to lovers of jewelry and accessories. As always, a new Tuesday, a new story. The summer season has begun, and I remembered that I have not been to the sea in a long time. And most importantly, I have never been to scuba diving and I have not studied the seabed. And what about you? Have you had that experience? In the near future, I would like to try it. And in relation to this dream, an image comes to my head of one of the most expensive materials and is coral jade.

“Corals are marine invertebrates in the Anthozoa class of Cnidaria. They usually live in compact colonies of many identical individual polyps. The group includes the major reef builders that inhabit the tropical oceans and secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton.”

Natural coral is much more valuable than the one with the least natural defects. The characteristic features of coral are the vulnerability to high temperatures and acids.
But not all coral branches are suitable for jewelry making. Many of them have little thickness and density. Suitable corals are usually made in the form of an oval, sphere or cabochon.

Coral Jade Species:

  1. Bianco – White Coral
    2. Akabar (akkabar, akkarbar) – Black coral
    3. Akori – Blue Coral
    4. Angelic Skin – Pale Pink Coral
    6. Bull’s Blood – Dark Red Coral
    7. Fiery – Red Coral

Corals are extracted mainly in the Mediterranean Sea and the northwest coast of Africa. It is very common along the coast of the western Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay, the Canary Islands, the Malay archipelago and Japan. Black corals are mined in the Malay archipelago, northern Australia and the Red Sea. In fact, nowadays it is quite difficult to find coral jewelry in some countries, since the extraction of coral crossed the line of poaching. Here at you can get more information of the jewelry.

In ancient Greece, red and pink corals were used to make amulets, which symbolized happiness and immortality . Also in those days had been born the belief that pink coral was for young girls and red were for married women. Such jewels gave women happiness in marriage, and heart and also helped give birth to A healthy baby.

“Many of the coral colors give a unique charm to necklaces and other jewelry. The intense red color is considered as a gemstone. It is sometimes called choir of fire and it is very rare due to overexploitation.”

Also highly valued are white with pink inclusions. The rarest of these are blue corals.

It is believed that the use of coral jade around the neck will protect you against sore throat, scarlet fever and nervous tics.

“Although coral appeared for the first time in the Cambrian period, about 542 million years ago, fossils were extremely rare until the Ordovician period”.

In the Eastern countries they often use a powder made of white coral for further improvement of fractured bones.They believe that corals are capable of improving blood circulation and have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.Pink coral is useful for insomnia and has a sedative effect on the nervous system.In some countries they are used as contraception.And cosmetologists make masks of corals.

Red coral jade is a masculine stone, creates masculine features, and white coral jade is for the female sex and perfect for feminine qualities.
Women can be really attracted to the red coral jade, as they find it passionate as the “Amazon”. So if you feel some fatigue or lost your inspiration, I suggest you pay attention to jewelry made with this material.

In some regions of Poland and Ukraine, coral beads are an indispensable attribute for the ethnographic female costume. People judge about the family of a woman or girl, due to the number of coral jade beads they carry.

Jewelry with coral jade is an absolute luxury, helping physical and spiritual health, looks beautiful in the form of pearls, but do not forget that it is a bit illegal. So, do not abuse the beauty of the seabed!