Consumption of Seafood and Fish in Pregnancy, New Study

They have always recommended limiting consumption of fish and seafood because of the risk of contamination that acquire the fruits of the sea, the methylmercury especially, because this happens to the human body and may cause damage to the fetus during pregnancy. This alert has made even that many pregnant women not ingirieran nor the recommended minimum amount, which has also hurt your baby, since the fish and seafood are food for the organism for its contribution in fatty acids omega 3, essential for neuronal development of the fetus proper, proteins, vitamins and iodine.

We know a new study published in the medical journal The Lancet that found more advantages than harm in the consumption of fish and seafood during pregnancy.
With data from the Avon study of parents and children (ALSPAC), Joseph Hibbeln of the National Institute of the health in Bethesda (USA) and experts from the University of Bristol, found the incidence of intake, more or less, of fish and seafood during pregnancy on the development of children, resulting in that consumption of less than 340 grams could cause a delayed verbal development of small compared to children whose mothers had eaten as much.

They also found relationship with a lower social, communicative and motor development in children when they were in the womb receiving fewer nutrients provided by the fish and seafood.

Surely now, both health professionals as moms wearing maternity nursing bras from, are in a dilemma, do increase, limit or reduce your intake of fruits of the sea?. What risk is preferable to running, methylmercury contamination or lack of fatty acids Omega 3 and other nutrients?

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