Coloring You Tone of The Spring-Summer 2011 II: The Pink to Purple

Nothing us remains that opens officially spring, that long-awaited time of year who say that the blood alters, and that is true. To go in tune with the time of year it is also important alter our wardrobe, It’s time to cheer him, adapting it in line with the summer leitmotif.

If this week we recommend five keys for success wearing this Spring-summer 2011, Today we recommend you put color to the tone of the season, how? since adding the range that goes from the Rosa to the Fuchsia passing by the Purple, in the same way that we have in the first part with the aquamarine and turquoise. Because as I said Alfie, guys don’t be afraid to Rosa!

Honeysuckle or Rosa Madreselva, the color of 2011

It’s him ringtone of the year, I am not saying it, LEATRICE Eiseman Executive Director the Agency world of colors, that exists (yes I also I’ve surprised), has declared that the Honeysuckle translated as Rosa Madreselava, It is the color chosen to represent the 2011, one of the years more blacks that are remembered.

Us amina to face everyday problems with verve and vigor. A dynamic reddish Pink is encouraging and uplifting. It rises beyond escape from our psyche, instilling confidence, courage and spirit to the challenges which Yigal Azrouel, Dsquared2, Jil Sander spring-Verano2011 have become part of everyday life

And as clear as it could not be of another way designers and House of fashion’s front line, echoing the opinion, support the motion to introduce suggestive outfits with this suggestive tone. The lowest signatures, idem, being such the pink dot House Spanish white, use it as a background to illustrate his fun and last campaign with soap bubbles, starring by Vladimir Ivanov.

Here are some of the most fresh and appetizing; Yigal Azrouel It proposes to combine a collared shirt mao and toasted with some cool shorts too loose cut Bubblegum pink, the Dsquared2 twins add a touch of fun and acid to a Bermuda in cyan with a belt in pink o Jil Sander combines squeaky, tones are the Yellow with the famous Honeysuckle in a result No discrete but also very summery.

Lilac and purple

Roberto Cavalli, Topman Design Collection, Loden Dager spring-Verano2011

Between red and purple the Purple takes its name from the delicious fruit, is the favorite color of 75% of children and adolescents, as thus indicated in some polls, according to experts it is the tone of the fantasy and the Mystery.

Colored by so magical tone are presented some looks more than desirable, as presented by Cavalli who dares to mix a Suede suit color klein with a sexy and ultra-desabrochada shirt in purple It is complemented with a scarf printed in Lilac. Topman Design Collection committed to this same tone in a shirt of tropical flowers in tuquesa aggregated with a suit of pinstriped in charcoal grey.

In Loden Dager However reigns the mix and match but this time in color smooth and flat, so a purple shirt is mixed with pink trousers and a cardigan color vanilla, to fit the nothing better than a pair of shoes look that combines the three tones of the outfit, all very well coordinated. The best, as seen in Benetton, with the bet by the combination of several shades of the range in unison, in a style of flecado scarf purple more pastel pink shorts.

Pink cake very preepy

Tommy Hilfiger, Vivienne Westwood and Loden Dager spring-Verano2011

The style preepy It is one of the most oft-repeated whenever good weather arrives, and is that the pastel shades are more flattering than when temperatures rise. Pink cake is one of the most oft-repeated otos at international shows. So Tommy Hilfiger or Vivenne Westwood they have looks of tailoring some of the garments in this color.

The American in key Posh the English and much more clown, Although both agree mix crazy but with very good tiento stripes pictures always within a color range. Much simpler or relaxed in Loden Dager, in which a pink point pole combined with some simple Bermuda raw, formed an ideal outfit for an evening walk along the beach.

The pink to Fuchsia to purple low cost

Because dress trend No have to spend a Fortune, This is our selection of clothes to make colors look to the tone of the season. From left to right from top to bottom; silk ties of ASOs €16, print t-shirt of Topman €32, flip-flops in violet’s Topman €20, swimsuit pink chewing gum of Hugo Boss €55, purple trench of wrinkled appearance Topman Design Collection €120, shirt pink cake with microray € 28, Bermuda Topman €50, polo pique in Fuchsia’s Ben Sherman €50, sunglasses ASOs clubmaster, stamped floral shirt Topman €60, bubble gum pink beret’s River Island €25.