Colorful Winter Coats

If you’re tired of having to choose between the Lord coat black, gray, Khaki or Navy Blue, the new flashy jackets may know to do your little heart race.

Colorful coats take a big slice in the rays season autumn winter 2011-2012. All these sharp colors, it makes you want but it also scares. Too accustomed to our black coats, we would be overwhelmed by the ease? A few tracks to dare and to wear the color.

What colors?

Turquoise blue or Klein, yellow mustard, forest green, Plum, orange neon or pumpkin, violet, azalea pink or Red Riding Hood. Basically, the bold colours of the Rainbow. Your coat is your centerpiece, your nose on the face, in short better well choose his color.

As a general rule (but you do as you want):

  • orange and yellow is better suited to the Brown and with brown hair
  • the blue and green with chestnut brown hair or blonde and redheads
  • Red to all the colors, even the roux (very fatal) Yes Yes
  • Plum and mauve to blondes, very clear see peroxydees but will darken very dark hair.
  • Raspberry crushed blondes and Brunettes

What forms?

Coats of colors especially went to the taste of the day by coats of type sixties with with Claudine collars, shapes slightly trapezoid or minimalist graphic cuts with a broad and round neckline. These forms are similar to the Baby Doll style. So choose the skirts/dresses and pants flare with.

The jacket or the coat are more classical but especially more male. These are ‘boilerplate’ coats That is, you can wear them with anything, no need to have a specific style in her wardrobe. Attention however, the overcoat men tend to make the “sloping” shoulders. Not very flattering on all figures, especially on small girls.

Finally, there’s always the coats more casual like Trapeze coats with a faux fur-lined hood and a closure to frogged. It is the form of coat that we see at this moment. He goes to everyone, in rounds as the thin, large and small.

How do you wear them?

With opaque black tights (or taupe/gray) If you’re wearing a dress or skirt. If your skirt or dress is above the mantle is better make sure to stay in the monochromatic (Brown for a yellow coat, for example) or to decide with prints (tartan, flowers). Better to avoid the flat Frank colors (green + red, blue + yellow…).

On the side of pants, jeans raw flare with the lighter colors (yellow, Orange, turquoise blue, fuchsia… coats) will be nickel. If you have colored jeans, also prefer the monochromatic: 3/4 jeans (or rolled up) raspberry with a plum coat for example. Or cut squarely with black, which goes with everything.