Colored Eyeliner Trend

Between the make up trends 2016 catching the colours of eyeliner: from Rose Quartz, emerald green eyes absolutely in focus! It’s a trend that we have already had the opportunity to appreciate the runways and that soon will fill our vanity case with the coolest shades of the season.

Sunny days are coming and for many it is already time to explore the new makeup trends for spring summer 2016, including unobserved fashion olored eyeliner. No longer the sole and classic black, which remains among the cult who survive every season, but a variety of colors fits perfectly in line with the mood of spring and summer.

In short, the colored eyeliner depopulated, also because of a very interesting color palette that ranges from the simple to the more showy colours, with a variety of products are very easy to apply. It’s a trend that definitely will not go unnoticed even your eyes, and in the true sense of the word.

We had already had the opportunity to appreciate these fanciful tones on the runways, populated by coolest seasonal colors including navy style trends doesn’t go unnoticed, with a variety of products for the eye makeup that decline the blue in a wide range of shades and solutions; In short, from the classic blue to cobalt blue sky there is an embarrassment of choice!

Space also broke, at Emerald hues and those of Bush, all shades perfect for make up for spring summer 2016. A little bon ton and a bit irreverent, this color we find it alone or in combination with Pastel pink, Fuchsia but also to beige and Brown, for a more sober eye makeup, perfect for the evening.

And could not miss the call the Rose Quartz, one of the colors must 2016 according to Pantone, nor niche shades like gold, which is also suitable for special occasions that require a more sophisticated make up or just shimmer. The pastel colors you like? Then don’t miss our gallery where we have collected some of the shades of eyeliner the most interesting spring summer 2016. The choice is yours!