Collection Spring – Summer 2011 Candy

More than 25 years endorse the candy brand as one of the most important firms of fashion in Spain, both inside and outside. Its name comes from the last name of one of the founders of the company. Today candy is characterized as a mark of high quality with very personal details.

In the collection spring-summer 2011 candy We find comfortable, very functional and at the same time stylish garments designed for good weather.

We have items such as fine point jackets with ranges of neutral colors that include gray destre, sand or light blue.

But also with interesting counterpoints with touches of yellow, orange or green. All tissues are summer with cotton and flax as protagonists.

For this season have wanted to have a more casual face on your line of cotton and jeans pants. With colors very alive, roses, Fuchsia and purple are those who stand out more. Joining the shirts, which for me are of my favourite pieces of candy with cuts that favor much.

In his line of accessories for this year we find different approaches, both elegant and sport unavailable and with brown colors and blue up to the bruising and roses.

In the footwear Purple moccasin I liked, in particular. A touch of casual classic shoes for excellence. A way to renovate and bring closer it to the detractors of this type of shoes.

For the scarves they use the silk to the more formal and the linen and cotton for the more casual style. They promise that in the collection there will always be a handkerchief to complement the different looks that we dress ourselves.

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