Collection of Swimwear of Rio

Collection of swimwear of Rio 2016 Fabíola Molina hits stores soon, bringing various kinds of pieces inspired by the curves of the wonderful city and on own capital fashion Rio, counting with the prints of the Olympic Games.

Ex-swimmer, Fabiola has a long career in the pool and participated in three Olympics: Sydney (Australia), in 2000; Beijing (China) in 2008; and London (England) in 2012. All this experience in water sports was used for your new career businesswoman.

Unpublished items in the catalogue of official products from the Olympics, the collection of costumes of Olympic Beach Rio 2016 will be signed by Fabiola Molina, who went through a huge competition for the right to produce the pieces.

Collection Of Swimwear Of Rio 2016 FabÍOla Molina

The inclusion of swimwear between the licensed products Rio 2016 aims to bring the catalog of official Olympic items to the reality of Rio de Janeiro, a city known internationally for its beautiful beaches.

And to produce these products, nothing better than someone connected to the Olympic world, as in the case of former Fabiola Molina. Her connection with the fashion started at the time when it was still, when using custom swimsuits in training and competitions.

Such custom parts by the swimmer caught the attention of other athletes, who asked her to produce more models. From there, began a new parallel activity and, in 2004, Molina released a label with your name.

In the case of the official Rio 2016 Beach fashion collection, bring parts as inspiration the host city of the Olympic Games, and feature popular models among the Brazilian, as the bikinis of the triangle type and fru-fru, half cup bra and panties, among other options. Swimsuits, swimwear, dresses and skirts are also part of the collection.

Where To Buy

Counting with approximately of 50 different models for adults, Fabíola Molina swimwear collection for the Olympic Games Rio 2016 will go on sale in the online store Rio 2016 and the official points of sale of the Olympic Games, in five airports in the country, even in October.

All parts are manufactured with special materials and biodegradable, bringing even UV protection.

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