Cloud B Ladybug Constellation Night Light

Around 22 months, our daughter began to have nightmares and be afraid of the dark. While we were not very hot for the night lights, we still decided to buy one to try.

Cloud B Ladybug Constellation Night Light

Chickabee adoring the rose, we wanted absolutely to be this color. We cracked on a ladybug model, but to find the right color, it was galley.Finally we ended up finding it on the site of allobébé. After a few quick days of waiting, our pilot has finally arrived.

Budget: EUR 36,90 right


  • Very nice design
  • Part of the pilot’s plush (head and feet) while the back is made of plastic
  • She lights up with 3 different colors (blue, green and red)
  • A mode allows to make the Ladybug turns off automatically after 45 minutes
  • A beautiful starry sky appears
  • The constellations are large and are well
  • The batteries are included!
  • The batteries last a long time (this night light is too energy-intensive)
  • With the operating instructions, in the little booklet, a page is dedicated to the constellations guide (to be able to find them in this starry sky!)
  • No music (for us, this is a plus)


  • Runs on batteries
  • The stars are so beautiful that sometimes, my daughter spends more time watching them sleep

Shortly after, our daughter sleep problems are resolved (I don’t think that the pilot was to much) and now we use this chic nightlight as an object of decoration or doudou. My daughter loves playing with on the other hand, due to its softness, I am not sure that the shell hold yet shock long…