Clothes Plus Size Models of the Famous

Chubby and happy. So sit the plus size models that are nonstandard women parading runway thinness, but displaying the beauty of the woman who uses dummy greater than 42. Fluvia Lacerda is a genuinely brazilian model, who won the world displaying their small curves at Fashion Weekend Plus Size.

Dress mannequin GG no shame for these women, bem-resolvidas, won a Miss especially for people who pass away the mannequin 36. The Miss Plus Size, will choose the most beautiful chubby Brazil on 29 January day. There are 26 competitors that have shower, ride, waltz and answer the questions asked by the jury. The contest is unheard of in Brazil country and promises to attract thousands of fans.

In spite of the overweight women are conquering your space in the fashion world, the great challenge of the brands working with plus size clothes is to produce garments that don’t let women uncomfortable and that take a disguised in a teabag. See below the visual of some famous who are overweight, but not lose the elegance.

Queen Latifah is one of the most requested actresses of Hollywood. Known for your irreverence, she never showed greatest concerns with regards to your weight. The actress is always well dressed with models that do not mark the belly, but not too wide. Queen lost some weight in recent years, but continues to be plus size example.

Adele is known for playing songs that speak of the pain of love. English, that has an angelic face, like wearing a little black nothing. His clothes reflect the sobriety of his songs, but especially to leave beautiful, regardless of being overweight, which attracts even more looks from fans.

The singer Kelly Clarkson, also began your artistic career at the age of 13 years, when it was asked by a teacher to join the choir college student, is also a chubby happy. The girl, who has a pop style, has had enough and curves do not deprive of fashion models for this.

In Brazil one of the women of dummy GG prettier is Fabiana Karla. The comedian recently conducted a gastric bypass, lost 16 Kg in 45 days, but it’s still an actress literally. Fabiana was criticized for performing the operation, are claimed to be happy the way it was. However, in the case of comedian, weight loss was a matter of health. Global like colorful clothes, however.