Check out Wedding Cakes Trends for All Styles!

Chalkboard, naked cake spatulated, hand painting and pinged effect are some trends in wedding cakes. Check out!

Check out Wedding Cakes Trends for All Styles

Inspired by the main trends of wedding cakes 2017 and surprised all guests with an impeccable sweet. The cake is, without doubt, the protagonist of the party. He is responsible for leaving the main table more beautiful, sophisticated and theme. In recent times, the sweet has conquered the bride and groom with new finishes, shapes and colors.

To choose the perfect wedding cake, it is very important to consider the couple’s style and the elements that make up the decoration of the party. We must not forget, of course, of the trends that could take over market matchmaker.

2017 wedding cakes trends

The House and Party on the internet the main trends panned to 2017 wedding cakes. See:

1-Chalkboard wedding cake

The Chalkboard cake is the new darling of the brides. Relaxed and modern, it has a surface that mimics the Blackboard. Thus, the bride and groom and guests can draw and write messages.

The wedding cake indeed Blackboard is made with fondant black and drawn with white powder dye. There is also the possibility to rent a cake Chalkboard, chalk that lets you use a prop of real slate.

2-Naked cake of red fruits

The naked cake of red fruits was a real fever in 2016 wedding parties. This cake that needs no coverage should remain high next year, with the goal to add a rustic touch to the decoration of the main table according to Mbakecheng.Com.

3-Naked Cake spatulated

The naked cake spatulated appears between the news of wedding cakes 2017. This version looks relaxed, since it uses a thin layer of frosting. The work with the spatula leaves the mass appearing in some points, thus ensuring a touch of charm and simplicity.

4 – wedding cake with lace

The wedding cake with Lacy details is perfect to reflect the style of a classic and romantic couple. The decor can be complemented with sugar flowers and pearls.

5-cake with frills

The frill cake is a romantic choice for the wedding party, especially when he has real or sugar flowers.

6-high Cakes

The trend of high cakes, which took account of the year 2016, must stand firm and strong in 2017. In the case of classic weddings, the cake can be made with up to six floors.

7-Flowers on top of the cake

Instead of decorating the top of the cake with the traditional wedding cake toppers, you can bet on real fresh flowers. The arrangements are responsible to leave the candy with a more romantic, charming and natural. The most recommended are the roses and the Succulents.

8-hand painted cake

The bride and groom who want to leave the marriage with a touch of personality can bet on the hand-painted cake (must have). He is a true sensation and steals all attention on the main table.

9-Red mass

Have you heard of red velvet cake? Because you know that he makes a lot of success in the United States and now is coming to Brazil. The great differential of the delicacy is the Red mass, which contrasts with the cream cheese filling. Super original and romantic!

10-Metal cake

The metallic cake emerged as the trend 3 years ago and nobody gave much attention to him. In 2017, it will be back, piggybacking on the success of the metallic colors in the fashion world. The sweet finish, be it gold or silver, adds glamour and sophistication to the party.

11-Wedding cake in shape of rock

The wedding cake in the shape of a rock, also known as Geode, is falling in taste of modern brides. The inspiration of confectionery is the Amethyst, a brilliant and sophisticated rock. To complement the delicacy, a hand painting.

12-Cake with marble effect

Marble is a noble decoration stone, commonly used to coat countertops and other structures. The aesthetics of this material, for your time, have served as inspiration for wedding cakes. The pastry chefs usually use fondant and edible inks to create an amazing marbled coverage.

13-Cake pinged

The cake pinged, also known as dripping cake, already appears between the 2017 wedding trends. Its main feature is the drain cover on the sides.

14-Cake that mimics China

In the United States, the cake designers are inspiring in the porcelain pieces to create beautiful wedding cakes. The idea is to reproduce the designs of dishes using edible inks.

You’re in love with wedding cakes? Then watch the videos below and see how the candy has evolved over 100 years. Note that a lot has changed and is still changing.

And there? What did you think of wedding cakes 2017? Already know which model you choose for your party? Comment.