Check out Our 5 Best Selling Launch Earrings

Today the text for you, dealership. Some of our releases are making the biggest success and we want to share with you what the best selling earrings on our site. Check out parts and work in sales:

Earring Of Polka Dots, BÚZios And Veneer Shell In 18 K Gold

The collection is making the biggest success among our clients. This ring is new and best-selling couldn’t be for less. Is all clad in gold 18 k, have balls, búzios and shell. Think of a beautiful piece in any look? This is the case with this earring ma-ra-vi-lho-so.

Earring Drop With Rose Gold Plated Butterflies

The butterflies are amazing in any look, huh? In this case, the charm is on the piece be a maxi drop-shaped earring and veneer in 18 k red gold case. In Sydney he was beautiful Yolo with Tetê Clementino.

Small Earring 18 K Gold Clad In Buzios

Who said small earring cannot be beautiful? This piece is in the shape of Buzios and is amazing with matching chokers. Your customer can bet the hairs stuck to highlight as well.Is the ideal Earring for women more discreet according to

Buzios Loop Earring In Rhodium Plated White

This hoop earring is the perfect option for those who do not enjoy the Golden tones and rosé. It’s all in white rhodium plated and is amazing in any visual.

Earring Pendulum Of Buzios And Veneer Shell In 18 K Gold

This earring pendulum of Buzios and shell is amazing in any look. All clad in 18 k gold and made especially for all styles. Can use with loose hair or trapped, long or short, and more.The most versatile accessory you can imagine.

These were the best selling earrings for you, reseller, invest time to sell to your customers.With your dedication and our tips, you can get Bill too with the pieces of Frances jewelry.And tell me in the comments what you think. Like the parts that are doing more successful today?