Chanel Spring Makeup 2016

The beautiful colors of dawn in Los Angeles enclosed in the special limited edition collection LA Sunrise.

The make-up for Spring 2016 signed Chanel is colorful and joyful, rich tones that recall the warm atmosphere of the beautiful city of Los Angeles: This is the collection LA Sunrise, which encloses the riot of colors of dawn in an unmissable collection and unpublished pieces.

Let’s find out all the proposals of the collection.

  • Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon
    Product of the collection cult, the blush Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon comes with a finely decorated waffle with inlaid strips and boasts a mix of well-5 colors. Thanks to the presence of more shades in the same product, the blush can be easily modulated and managed according to their type of skin and taking into account the desired effect. The texture is soft, silky and easy to blend. Additional product known precious Sunkiss Ribbon is the duration: the product remains pigmented for several hours giving a beautiful effect “bonne mine.”

For lovers of blush:  here’s all the trends for spring-summer 2016.

  • Palette Les Ombres 262 Tissé Beverly Hills
    Beverly Hills La Palette, with the blush, is one of the must-have of the collection.This is the classic quad Chanel, however, offered withnew colors that are inspired by the city lights of Los Angeles. The eyeshadows have a basically cold undertone, unusual for the spring season, but at the same time absolutely trendy.
  • Illusion d’Ombre
    are among the most beloved shadows of Chanel as give a bright color, effect multicolor and long lasting. The proposals for the collection LA Sunrise are three: Ocean Light , intense electric blue, Griffith Green, emerald green and Moonlight Pink, intense golden sand. The creamy Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadow can be applied over the entire eyelid or stretched as eyeliner aid of a fine-tipped brush.
  • Stylo Yeux Waterproof
    Makeup eye can not be truly complete without a pencil line and a good mascara (check necessary makeup at LA Sunrise propose three colors of water-resistant pencils Stylo Yeux. 925 Pacific Green is a deep green and bright forest,  926 Purple Choc a purple intense, radiant and 924 Fervent Blue, a classic blue china. The stretch of pencils Stylo Yeux is soft and writer, the finish is very bright for intense color and lasting from morning to night.
  • Le Volume De Chanel
    Mascara The famous Le Volume is proposed for the Spring 2016 makeup collection with an unusual coloration on shades of purple. The special brush helps to catch even the most short and thin eyelashes giving an extreme volume to “false lashes effect”.
  • Rouge Coco Shine
    Lips light up with pop and finish color semi-transparent for a fresh look, perfect for the spring season.The lipsticks Rouge Coco Shine have a highly moisturizing texture and are perfect to wear even with dry lips!The collection offers three colors: 114 Shipshape, a red with orange undertone, 116 Mighty, pink barbie and 118 Energy, intense red strawberry.
  • Le Vernis Sunrise Trip
    The nails are colored ink for a look extremely elegant and refined. Sunrise Trip is a very particular color, an intense blue that encompasses purple hues that light up under the rays of the sun.