Celebrity Denim Style

If there is one thing that appeals to all women is the denim, which are jeans, shirts, shoes, handbags, brooches, hair accessories or other, no woman can say no to a good leader in jeans! Denim is always in fashion, jeans are strong all year, white, classic or colorful they are, in the spring shirts always come to the fore, bags and shoes periodically invade the stores, as well as the jewelry. Today we show you how to wear denim our dear celebrities , on what occasions and especially what their favorite brands.

Denim: il look casual

The casual look is what most naturally reflects the denim, the jeans originally it was born precisely to free all of the heads too elegant and uncomfortable, then over the years, even the good old denim has undergone many changes to become too uncomfortable, not we can just deny! If you love the convenienceyou can bet on the classic bell-bottom pants or skinny ones, to match the canvas shoes and classic shirt with a t-shirt in cotton. If you think this look sloppy look like you’re good to Alexa Chung pointing on an oversized shirt, but also toKate Bosworth, Ashley Greene and Miroslava Duma.

Denim: il look chic

Denim can also become chic, and without too much effort, with the accessory and the right combination also a look in total denim can become ultimate in femininity. Charlize Theron for example focuses on the total denim using two different shades, the jeans are dark his shirt is clear, this puts it inside the jeans but keeps her large, a chic detail that makes the difference.

Kate Moss instead choose an outfit in perfect cowboy style but with that something of seductive making it very pretty. Kate wearing shinny jeans and shaped shirt in light denim and embellish her ​​look with high boots, a long necklace combined with a deep neckline, complete it all with a beautiful cowgirl hat.

Denim: the seductive look

The denim has undergone various transformations until losing its original comfort, they know something about Rihanna and Ashley Olsen who squeeze instretch jeans and combine them to shirts and tops really glam and feminine.Ashley wears a shaped blouse with frayed edges, decidedly low-cut, Rihannachooses instead a very mini top with vertical zip and above combines a denim shirt holding tied at the waist, leaving the belly discovery.

Denim loved by the stars

Denim preferred by celebrities is certainly one signed J Brand, a fashion brand that has customers exceptional, as Jessica Alba, Kate Middleton, Olivia Wilde, Charlize Theron, Heidi Klum, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Cindy Crawford , Berenice Bejo and even Brad Pitt .