CD Player Pro-Ject CD Box

The Pro-Ject CD box (520 euro) ran quieter than most full-size price colleagues, besides the ones she not ashamed even with its crisp, neutral sound.

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Modern fitted with a current transformer of Burr-Brown, blows up the CD player as a member of the box family the size grid and resided in a double-wide housing.

The drive of the Austrian specialist stream unlimited needs its place not only in width, it but, more than the double thickness typical PC Slotloader, also in height. The player was so quiet as the most full-size price colleagues alongside whom he not ashamed with his crisp, neutral sound.

Pro-Ject CD-box SE

Manufacturer Pro-Ject
Price €520.00
Rating 95.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H x D) HöheTiefe
Playback MP3
HDCD playback
Lernfähigmit display / remote control
Volume control
CD text display
Tube output stages
Title overview
ID3 tag display
Car space
Speaker size adjustable SACD
Level Setup SACD
Time correction SACD
Built-in multichannel decoder, SACD
Digital outputs i-link
RCA audio (stereo)
5.1 output (RCA)
5.1 output (XLR) available
Digital output ST
Digital inputs
Headphone output / adjustable
Measured values
CD output voltage (0 dB FS)
Output resistance
Noise ratio (A-weighted) CD
Noise ratio (A-weighted) SACD
Error correction information layer CD
Error correction surface CD
Jitter CD
Power consumption standby / operating
Good drive, balanced sound.
Don’t come cheap.
Sound CD 95
Sound SACD insufficient
Facilities well
Operation Very good
Processing Very good
Sound judgment well over 95
tested in 5 / 10