CD Player Moon 750

On the large 750 (9450 euro) of the Canadian manufacturer Moon player get used to it quickly: his sound is so completely free of any artificiality that you quickly stop thinking about. If you must give it back, but threatens withdrawal.

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Now, since hard drive-based players want him increasingly on the collar, start to close the classic CD player – right in the heart of many high-Ender and could give just expensive models a new heyday. An indication of this thesis provides audio components: the sales traditionally with a good trend feeling blessed Moon in the program took, a Canadian brand that claimed a place in the World Elite with their digital players.

With the “new brand” of clearly is more than the infamous three B (bank account, mailbox, Office): Moon, or the mother company Simaudio, there is actually, in Boucherville in the Canadian province of Quebec, and for soothing 30 years. The milled aluminum parts, which are to see it on every Moon component, from in-house CNC machines, the inserters for four-layer, extra thick copper laminated boards are only a few halls continues. This vertical integration allows a meticulous quality control and component selection, Simaudio incidentally which not only – for example in the tolerance critical balanced output levels for the test device – guarantees constant Sonic results, but also keeps the failure rate. The design of circuits on low operating temperature will do the rest – fail here the only thing the drive.

In the 750, the CD drive is but eh not ever work, because he is only one of the five ways to supply the converter of of player with data. Moon even sold the 750 as a CD player, but call him “DAC/CD transport”, mutatis mutandis converter-with-integrated drive, and loses of the latter not too many words.

The more detail, the manufacturer pays tribute to the converter part, and which is actually noteworthy, with its 16 32-bit DACs and a refined Jitter suppression strategy “Moon Asynchronous Jitter Control” or short – kick! -M-AJiC32 baptized. The 16 DACs can be found but not individually on the Board, but belong to a multichannel converters called 9018S ESS. It is no shame, because the chip will cost ten times the amount of other high-quality DACs also smooth. The 30-dollar-“Saber”, (call sign Sabre32), can each differential – symmetrical spend eight discrete tracks, but also in stereo mode, each four trains in parallel. In the latter configuration, it runs in the 750. Also the jitter elimination is included

The miracle chip takes over sampling rate conversion himself. Moon had to pay only a most accurate clock reference for him and provide him with voltage – what happens after every trick in the book.

The Sabre can handle even DSD signals, but not in use of this talent in the Moon player since the drive no SACDs. He accepts PCM sound, however, love to four digital inputs: USB, optical, coaxial and AES/EBU. for (almost) all sources of symmetric AES/EBU input and the RCA Koaxbuchse tolerated here until to 192 kHz sampling rate, about network players with according to high-resolution Studio master files – what divine sound in the listening test. The sampling frequency of 750 on a red dot matrix display indicates which is responsible in CD mode for track number and time and would fit in size and brightness also front on a bus. Of course, it is abblend – and can be switched off.

The moon as a solid corporeal tuned player that was seen even without deeper listening experience easily as a “very large” showed in the listening room. Such as the acoustic guitar intro of “Drum Roll” (Tom Brosseau “Posthumous Success”, fat cat), which came with that rare reprinted from the boxes, which makes literally feel the size and the swinging of the wooden body. Also the second guitar, the drums played with brushes, electric bass and piano, the gradually be added, seemed to have special weight that resulted, but from a harmonic completeness, that Act any sound completely “properly” was not simply from lots of bass over the 750. The elements of the recording attacked with precision and power into one another like the polished gears of a clock tower.

The Linn Akurate DS, feared opponent for most CD players, seemed in direct comparison (lined with a bit perfect rip of same CD) rather like a Pocket chronometer: pulled together something dry, but spatially generous recording studio acoustics, the figure moved compact before the level of the boxes, and the previously warm timbre cleared up somewhat. This one had the impression, now to listen to the instruments, sometimes through them – and even more those atmospheric minute in the blades of the sounds to perceive, that ultimately decide the subjective sense of tempo: the Linn worked but more agile, the Moon still more exciting.

Many more CDs wandered back out in the lean charge of 750 – and usually only after a very long: always incited another WOW effect the tester, continue to listen, to turn up and put away the heavy (and, clearly, even milled from Simaudio) remote control: Wow, what kind of whopping Toms, what a powerful control over a noise-70-years analog sound by Siena roots psychedelic rock album “different realities” (Transubstans records). What a contrast, then architecture in Helsinki’s “in case we the” (V2) to hear – sparkling clean, Ethereal and explosive space filling, as someone could accidentally stuffed Wasabi in the hash pipe. Not to mention the bouncier Steve Earle: “Townes”, his tribute to the late Mr van Zandt, received via the Moon so much passion that you involuntarily, whether you knew it or not, the songwriter Holy mourned – and at the same time as dignified, proper men shoes felt cowboy boots. At least as long as the music played.


To spend almost 10000 euro for a CD player has nothing to do with reason. But after all, the Moon 750 does everything possible to fade as quickly as possible to the guilty conscience. And if the CDs should be less once, still four great-sounding, jitter resistant digital inputs are available to refine future data.

Moon 750 D

Manufacturer Moon
Price €0.00
Rating 135.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H x D) HöheTiefe 47.6 x 10.0 x 43,0 cm
Weight 14.0 kg
Playback MP3
HDCD playback
Lernfähigmit display / remote control / / FB without display
Volume control
CD text display
Tube output stages
Title overview
ID3 tag display
Repetition Title, CD
Car space
Speaker size adjustable SACD
Level Setup SACD
Time correction SACD
Built-in multichannel decoder, SACD
Digital outputs i-link 0
RCA audio (stereo) 1
5.1 output (RCA)
5.1 output (XLR) available
Digital output ST
Digital inputs
Headphone output / adjustable /
Measured values
CD output voltage (0 dB FS) 2.0 V
Output resistance 101 ohms
Noise ratio (A-weighted) CD 117 dB
Noise ratio (A-weighted) SACD 0 dB
Error correction information layer CD 1.20 mm
Error correction surface CD 1.50 mm
Jitter CD 157 picoseconds
Power consumption standby / operating 9.4 / 10.0 W
Flexible DAC / player with exceptional sound.
Sound CD 135
Sound SACD insufficient
Facilities outstanding
Operation Very good
Processing outstanding
Sound judgment outstanding 135
tested in 5 / 10