Catherine Deane Dresses

Selena Gomez was in the party of InStyle / Warner Bros. held a few nights ago as part of the party of the Golden Globes 2011, for the occasion sported its beauty wrapped in a dress Catherine Dean of the new collection. Selena Gomez is a very young singer and actress but with a career on the rise, it is beautiful and his style is an example to many little girls who see each other again in her. We are concerned here about fashion and then we see the beautiful Selena with her ​​Catherine Dean.
Catherine Dean as the young star Selena Gomez choose a long dress to the foot made ​​of silk creased in a beautiful carmine red shades which on one hand makes it very fashion, on the other hand maintains an underlying sweetness, it would be with a red more intense or burgundy. I like the choice not to overdo it either to a major event like the Golden Globes.

The dress is chaste is simple , showcases its beauty but respects his young age, falls soft on the body and heeled and is lit only by the straps and belt made ​​with a metal chain luminous gold.
Selena Gomez as his other colleagues supports charity projects, she is the most it should UNICEF goodwill ambassador, just a few days ago said: “On January 12 is the first anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. Do not forget that 22,000 people died and more than 300,000 people were injured, while 750,000 children were directly involved in the earthquake. Today there are still one million people homeless. In addition, a case of fatal cholera has struck many people in a few weeks. Haiti still needs our help.”