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Learn How to Combine Colors

In decoration, the first step is to choose the colors of a space well. So first we choose a color that will be the basis of our decor, and based on it, with the help of the wheel of color (or chromatic circle) we will know with what colors associate it and give it personality.

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Decorating Tips for Children’s Room: Cute and Fun Ideas

Check different ideas to decorate children’s rooms and what are the best shades to compose this room so significant for the child

The rooms are the most personal and intimate rooms of the house, after all they serve as a place of rest and function almost as a refuge for their owners.Thinking about it, it is very important that the organization and the decoration of the environment reflect the habits, tastes and personality of the owner of the space.

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Kid Room Decor

Create a baby room decor can be a challenging task for parents. After all, boys have well-defined tastes and wish to print your personality also in room decor.

The secret is to get the balance between what the child wants and needs that must be met in the room, which is a place for rest, study and play. See the Tips of the architect Leila Dionizios to have a beautiful and functional baby room decor.

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Choose a Wall Clock to Decorate a Room

The decorated wall clocks were designed to modernize the appearance of the rooms, adding to the environments a dose of style and personality. The fact is that this accessory is no longer a tool to report the hours and now an important role in the decoration of the rooms.

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Meet 5 Hostels with Retro Decoration

The hostels in themselves are already known by your unique atmosphere for receiving tourists squander personality in his travels. But an interesting point is that many of these places investing in charming vintage-inspired environments to attract your customers. Retro Decoratingwith vintage furniture and objects, and innovative design are the some of the world’s most popular hostels. Separated 4 of them below, so you can include them in your next travel. Check out!

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2017 Wallpaper: Check out the Main Trends

Find out which are the main bets in terms of wallpaper for the next year.

Get to know the main novelties in the field of 2017 wallpaper. Next year, we will have many finishes with neutral colors, metallic details, textures and geometric prints. Check out the trends in more detail.

The wallpaper is the perfect solution for those who want to change the look of the House quickly, cheap and practical. The flooring works well in nearly all environments, however, the trends in patterns, colors and textures vary from one year to the next.

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Different Style of Watches

To say the kellohullun photo album of all the omistamistani, current and past the great old factory-, car-, school-, or other public space.

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Original Wall Clocks

I was watching the reform of a House, one of these houses that are purchased in a State of advanced deterioration and which become houses of design with furniture and details to the last and what most caught my attention was this curious clocks of wall, wall clock actually are the Central hands, which each can be attached in each of the twelve points that mark each time the item you want to.

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How to Build a Sundial Clock


In this article we will try to see together, how we can create with their own hands, a sundial. If we like to decorate our interior with elegant and original things, we can create a sundial and place it in the garden, on the patio or anywhere that suggests our fancy. This watch has the function not only decorative but also practical, because it measures the time so more accurate than a digital clock, and to build it we don’t need nor a specific mechanical knowledge nor much less to own expensive pieces. Ready to start?

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How to Decorate Furniture with Stickers

It is not difficult to change his look to the furniture of home, of furniture now worn stowed in the attic and then unused or furniture that we have long and we feel tired of their appearance: the solution is not necessarily buy new ones with which to replace them. We can simply renew the look easily and inexpensively through applying some stickers or decals, very useful to renew the room in a practical and fast. There is mobile it cannot be decorated as in commerce are stickers for all needs and tastes also priced content: Let’s see then how to decorate our furniture with stickers.

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