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Wikipad 3D Tablet

The name might suggest the popular free encyclopedia but that is not the case: in reality we are talking about a very particular product officially launched at CES in Las Vegas; maybe nothing revolutionary but definitely something different from what the competition is presenting these days.

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Snakebyte UNU Gaming Edition Tablet

Raccimolate between 199 and $249, and Snakebyte may in time change dates give you Unu—a tablet, a Bluetooth gamepad, a TV dock, and a remote control also works with gesture. This, at least theoretically, because unfortunately it is not a device made and finished but only a prototype on display at CES in Las Vegas, most importantly not working.

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Pearl Touchlet X 2 GPS in the Practice Test

An Android tablets for 170 euros? This is only possible with compromises! The practice test shows where you need to turn a blind eye to the Touchlet x 2

The electronic mailers Pearl, traditionally known for cheap goods away from the well-known brands, enriches the growing range of Android Web tablets to a low-budget model. While over 500 euro are due for a Samsung Galaxy tablet, there are the simplest of the Touchlet X 2 for less than half. From 170 euro, we go, if you want the device with GPS receiver will pay 200 euros and receives even a navigation software for Germany. For 250 euros, there’s the package with navigation for all of Europe.

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Acer Lumiread E-Book Reader

Acer has entered the reader business and has an overall very decent reader with the E-book reader Acer Lumiread at the start in collaboration with our site.

The Taiwanese have cribbed some of the successful concept of the Kindle and expanded the Lumiread with addons that create value. So, our tester had access to the online-shop of, the bookworms can browse a huge range of eBooks from the various categories.

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Sony PRS-650 Practice Test

The Sony PRS-650 is the revised edition of touch its E-book reader. In our practice test, he knows to please with its handy design and a 1a screen.

The second version of its reader touch Edition Sony has learned. As of its predecessor’s biggest weakness is the successor’s greatest strength: the touch screen. While at the PRS-600 because of the weak contrast and the reflecting surface, it was hardly possible to pleasant reading, the PRS-650 in just this discipline shines.

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Practical Test: The iPad as an E-book Reader

With its own E-book store and versatile reader apps iPad offers an unrivalled selection of digital content.

When deciding for a digital reader that demand read is the far more important feature than about the hardware equipment. Because not every E-book can be read on any E-book reader, and not every reader offers the best selection of content – proprietary formats and different copy protections brake the flexibility of digital reading.

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Specifics of the New Nexus 7

Continue the leaks about the new tablet from Google, and this time we have even a timid display name: Nexus 7″, although it could just be a unofficial term.

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The New Nexus 7

Before going further in this article, let’s get one thing straight: Although we have photos and videos to show you, not sure that this is the new Nexus 7, or rather, is not sure it’s the final version and not a prototype not yet complete. Indeed, we guess, propenderemmo for the latter.

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The CEO of ASUS Announces LTE FHD 10 MeMO Pad

It seems that ASUS hasn’t completely finished new product announcements at Computex this year. During Qualcomm’s keynote, the CEO of taiwanese company came on stage throwing a new tablet, you can glimpse in the photo above, but has not been officially presented. ASUS has confirmed the MEMO Pad FHD 10 LTE, a variant of tablets presented a few days ago, that stands out not only for the presence of the LTE radio, as the name suggests, but also to have at its core a Snapdragon processor instead of Intel (in fact we were attending a Conference of Qualcomm).

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HP Slate AIO 21 in 1.8 Ghz Tegra 4

Although we are still awaiting the arrival on the market of the HP Slate 7 postponed to June it seems that HP wants to work hard and get into the Android market in a big way. After seeing a likely 10 “model, jump off the benchmark AnTuTu even a generous 21”, probably to compete with Asus Transformer AiO.

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