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Moto 360 Android Wear Version

Moto 360 Android Wear Version If there is a smartwatch is expected with great anticipation-and not talk about the iWatch-that certainly is the Moto 360. The few trailers that has shown Motorola on your smart watch and show that lies above everything we have seen so time. its sleek and elegant design, coupled with being the first device […]

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With the Smartwatch of Will

Three months ago (singer and designer of all kinds of objects) was planning to present his smartwatch to the world. It could not be in July and everything indicates that this week will be when, at last, teach the world his intelligent clock. Apple, Samsung, Motorola and company have been a new competitor.

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Omate X, the Smartwatch That Wants to Compete with Elegance

Definitely, smartwatch is becoming a gadget that more and more companies want in their catalogs, all trying to offer products focused on certain segments of the market, so we have seen several designs, whether equipped with Android Wear, or with operating system Owner , intended for physical activity, those who are independent of our mobile and the now non-existent iWatch.

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What to Expect From Smartwatches

The next war of tech giants, after the tablets and smartphones, will be waged on our wrists. It all started when Google announced, in 2012, which was working on a smart glasses, the Glass Project. Today the project left the paper and he’s the first great wearable (a computer that uses the body) in the […]

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LG G Watch R, First Impressions on Video

LG was not too slow to follow the line of the Moto 360 and presented a few weeks ago his LG G Watch R, a smartwatch where the design took center stage and in fact it is hard to see at first that we are talking about an advanced clock.

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Startup Launches Smart Watch That Unites Fashion and Fitness

The company Withings has launched smart watch that also works as a fitness Tracker New York-the French company Withings, specializes in devices connected to the internet, released on Tuesday, in New York, Activité, a smart watch “fashion” with pointers, who also works as a fitness Tracker. In addition to showing the time, the clock registers the amount […]

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Microsoft Is Working on a Smart Watch

Already know you all, but just in case, we say it you: now the cool are smart watches and other “wearable technology”. The rumor mill says that Apple is working on one, Google and Samsung, and now the latest to join the party is Microsoft, according to the Wall Street Journal.