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Hippie Chic Sandal

The hippie movement is always being reminded, especially in the fashion world as a reference for creating pieces with patterns and colors that date back to the days of peace and love. In general fashion understood as hippie presents a more simple and without concern for elegance. However, these days of hippie clothes being relegated to simpler and occasions no distinction fashion are living on borrowed time.

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How to Use Colored Sandal

The summer is here and with it the colors and prints that rejoice even more the station wind up getting. In addition to all the exuberance that the warm days offer, faced also with the end-of-year parties. Christmas and new year are two celebrations that are successful in the world, why people tend to choose carefully the production, which is intended exclusively to finish the year in style. Thinking at the end of another year and the arrival of summer are not just the clothes they earn space, but the shoes that give a special touch to any look. So the Culturamix separated some tips so that you know how to match your clothes with colored sandals that you already have in your closet and what are the criteria that must be taken into account if you plan to make new acquisitions.

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Five Shoes With Which You Can Welcome The Summer

After we have recently found six chinos, which the man needs in the summer of 2017, we dedicate ourselves today to the appropriate footwear. For this reason, I would like to introduce you to five types of shoes, which in my opinion make a good figure in summer. Do not worry, the sandal is not to be found under it-but may also be due to the fact that I can not do much with this “shoe”.

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How to Read Labels on Shoes

This is a moment that I had not offered you an article ‘practice ‘. It is here that this infographic comes into play!

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The Summer Must-Haves 2015-Sneaker

We continue with one of my favorite clothes: shoes. In this case especially with sneaker, which I have assigned my summer Must-Haves 2015. Because this is all about the third part of my four-part contest series on summer Must-Haves 2015. So I dedicate myself in these contributions to my personal must-haves, with which one this summer nothing wrong.

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Dress Up Your Feet-Budapest And Other Lace-Ups!

Today we go on with shoes. This time topic: Elegant lace-up shoes.-Of course, this could be increased in fine lacquer shoes, in view of our street style orientation, but we can safely leave it out.

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What Kind of Shoes To Wear With a White Dress

The white dresses are an option too, either for a look of daily beach or an occasion more special (but never for a wedding!). Are especially recommended for the summer and are phenomenal with tanned skin. It is very important to choose the accessories for a white dress and in particular to choose correctly the footwear; for that, consider the style of the dress and the opportunity to use it. In this article of a explain in detail what kind of shoes to wear with a white dress.

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Type of dress

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The Most Expensive Running Shoes

And that all is marketing issue. A shoe of €150 is not necessarily the best on the market. A running shoe is usually face materials, technology that carries and, above all, the marketing that is.

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Stylish Sandals and Sneakers for Men

Sergio Rossi’s (clean) feet of the man in the “Oxford vintage Sandals” made of soft calf leather. Quite impressive for a bright Linen height.

Man feet in sandals: for many so-called style experts a no-go, as well as short men’s trousers. No matter how hot the temperature are, “real” men are “cool” enough to hold out the greatest heat. We are not quite as strict and present airy footwear for men – at least for the leisure – which must be also open.

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How to Wear Flats

One thing to be anticipated is that anyone who believes in shoe shorts in spring/summer 2015, that he must grab dizzying high heels, is unfortunately wrong. Flat steppers have never been so much in the spotlight as this year. It does not matter whether it is belt sandals or slingpumps with mini-heel-the main thing is flat and pointed! Apart from a cool look, they also provide relaxed feet.

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