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Oculus Rift Wins New in-Ear Earphone; Know

Oculus VR , the manufacturer of Oculus Rift , today announced the launch of a pair of in-ear earphones compatible with the device.The accessory will be an alternative for users who do not want to use the standard headphones that come with the virtual reality device.

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Snoring during Pregnancy

One of the physical changes that we can notice during pregnancy are at bedtime snoring. Although we have never roncado, it is possible, on all at the end of the pregnancy, we start to snore at night.

We should not worry, since between 25% and 30% of all pregnant women snore at some point during their pregnancies, particularly during the second and third trimester.

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Bad Carpet, a Carpet of Design for Solidarity

Inspired by Moroccan carpets vintage, Madeline Weinrib He has designed the carpet that you can see in the photo above. The carpet It is made with New Zealand wool and woven by hand.

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Power Yoga, Higher Intensity and Dynamism in The World of Yoga

The Yoga It has been introducing progressive updates, which have led to new styles and intensity so each user can choose what practice according to your needs.

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What Is the Best Source For CCTV?

Talks my friends this is Everton, and today I prepared a video to talk about fonts right, I received some questions regarding source, the difference, which is more advantageous, and today I’m going to talk a little bit about ta sources?, I will try to be very brief for I don’t stretch much the video, so if I jump something there leave to clarify something you ask there, suddenly I do another, or answer.

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Tips to Relieve Fluid Retention in Pregnancy

One of the most typical discomforts of pregnancy, which is accentuated in the last months of gestation and most especially during the summer, is the fluid retention.

Manifests itself as a feeling of heaviness, tiredness and swelling of legs and ankles, which tends to increase at the end of the day.

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The Women That Breastfeeding during Pregnancy

It seems that the professionals of health and the population in general have increasingly clear that breast-feed while you are pregnant is not dangerous for the new baby and that is something that many women do without having to recommend weaning due to pregnancy.

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Manual Feeding in Pregnancy

For women who are thinking of expanding the family or those who are already pregnant, have found a book of great utility that will respond to daily doubts about food should take while your baby is in your belly, in order to provide all the nutrients needed in addition to gaining weight properly finding is so full of energy health and peace of mind.

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MOM: Beware of Any Doctor Who Recommends a Caesarean Section in a Normal Pregnancy

In Spain the debate that can make a woman on If it is better to have a normal delivery or a c-section It is not very useful because in private health, where she gives birth to the most, Caesarean sections only if the obstetrician believes that it should make it.

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Bleeding in The First Trimester of Pregnancy

The loss of blood in the first trimester of pregnancy they are cause of great concern in women, as usual, and always are reason for medical consultation.

Many women suffer losses during the first months of pregnancy and its appearance may be due to different reasons. They can be caused by minor problems or it to be the sign of a serious complication.

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