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Pregnancy Fashion Must Haves

We have prepared a series of 6 pregnancy looks after closely studying the fashion for this autumn-winter collections. Of course, this cannot cover all the beautiful things offered both in French, English or Scandinavian brands including.

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Tips to End Insomnia in Pregnancy

In this article you will be able to know what causes insomnia and how to solve this problem.

Insomnia is a problem which prevents or hinders the Act of sleeping. During pregnancy, for various reasons, it is normal for some women who suffer from insomnia.

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The Positions for Pregnant Women Sleep

In General, there is no danger in any position, the important thing is to get pregnant to your preferred position and try, despite the discomfort of the natural end of pregnancy, have a good night’s sleep.

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Different Pregnant Bellies

Baby bellies can not be more different.

The fitness model Chontel Duncan currently shows us with a stunning photo can look how different the bellies of pregnant women. Because after all our bodies are all different! The former
‘ Miss Universe ‘-finalist Chontel is in the recording in their 21st week of pregnancy – her friend, who confronts her in the 25th week of pregnancy. And yet the differences are incredible!

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Sun Salutation for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a very special moment, divine and full of delicious surprises and discoveries! Raises some anxieties, fear of the unknown, even mental and physical discomforts. But all this for be minimized when a woman begins to get to know each other better and to understand this moment in which everything turns, each day during the practice of prenatal Yoga adapt some Asana (physical postures) so that pregnant women can practice and feel good! A tip is to practice the Surya Namaskar, IE, the sun salutation. The series will help more extended the column, arms, legs, prepare the diaphragm (muscle requested during breaths), in addition to bringing warmth, strength and endurance required during pregnancy and in childbirth.

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Strategies to Take Care of Shape during Pregnancy

Learn What You Should Do To Keep Fit And What Options Are Most Appropriate For Your Lifestyle. Follow The Tips And Try To Stay Active In Pregnancy.

Practicing exercise brings benefits to the mother’s health and well-being. Therefore, the physiotherapist and instructor of children’s massage Maria João Alvito recommends pregnant women to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including a proper diet.

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Halloween Costumes for Pregnant

You’re expecting and want to join the scariest holiday of the year? Here is a list of Halloween costumes for pregnant women

Halloween costumes for pregnant women

On Halloween one can disguise even though you are pregnant. There are many ways to hide the baby bump is for Halloween but for Carnival.

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Multi Position Sleeper Pillow

We warmly welcome to a new product of our catalog: The pillow multi-position for various uses.

These users can be people who like to tighten the pillow, pregnant or breastfeeding women, reading …. We will introduce you its different uses and for whom it is advised.

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How to Choose a Pregnancy Belt

Among the things that moms must buy often appear the banner of pregnancy and pregnancy belt. And Yes, there are well 2: the headband and belt. It should not be confused because these 2 objects have not at all the same functions.

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Swimming and Bathing During Pregnancy

Finally in the tub! After a long day there is nothing better, especially, if the back hurts. But Baden is ever allowed in pregnancy?

There are so many things that are forbidden in the pregnancy-as it is not surprising that many expectant mothers are unsure whether they are bathing or swimming in pregnancy. Finally, they want not unknowingly damage the unborn child and risk even a miscarriage or premature labor.

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