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Do Not Reward the Pet by Wrong Behaviors

Posted by Raquel Bersano in Oct 2013-07

The dog took your slippers and ran away? Know that, running after him, rather than have a punitive effect, can give him something he really search: your attention!

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Space Chanel No. 5 in Home Decor

A few days ago I went to visit the exhibition of Home Decor This year held in the Salamanca district of Madrid and I found a corner dedicated to such renowned fragrance of Chanel nº 5.

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Traveling With Pets: 10 Campsites That Accept Dogs

There are more and more ‘pet friendly’ places that accept animals, so many people are encouraged to travel with their pets.

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Discover the Right Toys For Puppy

Can what toy I give to a puppy?

Like all dogs, I love the dog games since I was a little girl! Therefore say that the puppy games are very exciting for a young boy, and that it is better to choose a good toy for a puppy when we try to spoil his little beast. Let’s see together what toy pick for a puppy!

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