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La Prairie Midnight Blues Collection, Makeup for Fall 2010

You know that some selective fashion brands are launching with makeup collections, like that of Burberry that we saw little, or the new Tom Ford lip bars. Today I want to introduce you to the makeup collection for the fall 2010 of La Prairie.

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Guerlain, Luxury Ephemeral Palettes Makeup

The maison Guerlain It insists on perpetuating its philosophy of luxury in all its articles, or a bottle of perfume and a powder compact. Rouge and shadow of eyes of the photo are an example of the concept of ephemeral luxury.

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Guerlain Parure Gold, More Than a Color Makeup Base

Changes in products of Guerlain makeup We have somewhat clueless assiduous users because they do not stop change ranges. No we cannot complain too much because it is true that it is always to improve some aspect of their quality, whether they are the textures and tones.

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New Chanel Makeup Studio in London

If a few days ago Cristina presented the new space of Chanel in Madrid, today I present you the beauty space that the French firm has just opened in London, in the exclusive shopping center Selfridges.

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Dolce & Gabbana Launches Its Line of Makeup

Already said the companions of Jezebel that Scarlett Johansson would be the star of the new campaign of beauty of the Italian couple, but what we didn’t know is that the launch of her makeup line was going to be imminent: February. Our colleague has told us Sergio Sweeping and the news may not be best.

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How to Make a Multicolor Nail Art


This guide will explain how to decorate your nails in a simple and lively recreating the effect given from the gun, simply by using the common nail polishes. For an art multicolor nail nuanced in duty it is almost always necessary to use the airbrush but being a tool that not all possess, I will show you how to get the same effect by replacing the gun with simple Blenders (those used for eye shadow) that surely every woman has at home.


Make sure you have on hand:

different colored enamels

Blenders for makeup

Moisturizing cream

cotton swab

clear nail polish

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How to do French Manicure

6 steps to a perfect manicure Phase 1 it is essential to prepare your hands and nails before applying the Polish. First, exfoliate your hands massaging with a small amount of cream. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly. One of the main causes of chapped hands and insufficient drying after washing.

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Scary Halloween: The Porcelain Doll

No longer long, then is Halloween. For the purpose of tuning, we show you different Halloween looks for 10 days. All participants of the Thementage and their looks I have linked here. For inspiration, just click through it (attention, nothing for the weak nerves!).

I decided on my Halloween look for a broken porcelain doll and I mainly focused on this Youtube tutorial . There are, of course, much more creepy Halloween looks than porcelain dolls, but I hope you like my result anyway. If you want to see really creepy looks, then click on the contributions of the other participants! I have the video slightly modified and simplified. So the look is also something for untrained like me The biggest challenge was more: Look at the photos rigidly straight like a doll!

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Wrong, We All Use These Beauty Products

Hair clips, sunscreen or beauty Blender-wrong-we use many of our everyday beauty products without realizing it. So it goes right!

How to properly use Nail Polish and co.

We use almost every day and still not we are aware many beauty products, how we really use them. That can cause that incorrectly keeps the makeup or the effect is not as it should be. We no longer make this typical application errors in the future.

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Manicure, Pedicure for Men Only

Philipp Pechstein is the man behind the “hammer & nail”. The concept of his pure men nail salon receives a lot of attention.

Yes, men also worry to their feet and fingernails. They have so far avoided visiting in the nail salon: plush atmosphere and hundreds of nail polishes are – well – somehow unmanly. The new Munich nail Studio “Hammer & nail” aims to remedy.

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