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Red Chandelier Home Depot

Modern or more classic, with or without pendants, chandelier red tinged with your faceted and daring brillori living. Perfect in a House with simple lines, but also ideal in a traditional residence. Get inspired by Dalani and choose the chandelier that bestrepresents you. Make your home shine with the color of love. Love your home! Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

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Bonnets For The Night

How many nights you stayed late so the child will fall asleep for fear of the dark… until now! The  braces are a solution to these cases as they keep a very dim light on during the course of the night . They are  ideal for children or for an area of ​​passage for older people as in the latter case will act as a beacon.

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Bicycle Lighting is Revolutionizing

The bicycle lighting of the future to be revolutionised with the Revolights. Kent Frankovich, Adam Pettler and Jim Houk jointly developed the idea to the Revolights that aims to make the cycling in the future more secure.

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Awesome LED Flashlight Provides 90,000 Lumens

LED technology can provide surprising results, and shows it a user of YouTube, which has published a guide to build a singular flashlight based on combined 10 LEDs bulbs of 100 Watts, offering an impressive result.

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E27 LED Bulbs from OSRAM with 6 Watts and Nearly 900 Lumens

Started the lighting giant Philips and OSRAM in the booming market for LED-thread or “Filament” with strong late-lamps. To compensate for the leader wanted to apparently boast a particularly high luminous efficiency. In the test of 6 watts of strong, non-dimmable E27 LED Fadenlampe from OSRAM, the laboratory actually identified an efficiency of almost 147 lumen/Watt – however with only average color rendering.

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Cloud B Ladybug Constellation Night Light

Around 22 months, our daughter began to have nightmares and be afraid of the dark. While we were not very hot for the night lights, we still decided to buy one to try.

Chickabee adoring the rose, we wanted absolutely to be this color. We cracked on a ladybug model, but to find the right color, it was galley.Finally we ended up finding it on the site of allobébé. After a few quick days of waiting, our pilot has finally arrived.

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How to Change to LED Bulbs

The price of electricity every day is more and more expensive, and look for alternatives to more fuel-efficient appliances, electrical appliances and lighting, to ensure that our electricity bill does not grow in a disproportionate way, and to try to reduce that.

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DIY Living Room Dining Table Light

As the title suggests, it was time again to build a dining table lamp for the living room. It should be a LED light, clear. In the relevant trade, however, there was not what we had imagined. Designer pieces are usually prohibitive … Most of these fixtures work with HighPower LEDs and moderate cooling. A further shortcoming of many luminaires: the LEDs only radiate in one direction downwards. As a result, the ceiling is dark, which reminds me of a poker table.

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Easily Decode Product Names Of LED Spots

After we have presented to you in the last week already various LED lamps, now the LED spots are the turn. The focus is on the many incomprehensible abbreviations in the product name of the LED spots. The Osram LED Superstar Par16 35 (25 °) GU10 5W and the Osram Parathom MR16 20 (36 °) Advandced GU5.3 5W are used as explanatory examples. Since many can not do much with the numbers and abbreviations in the article name, we would like to explain in detail the different information in this article.

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Niteye Flashlight Review

Two versions available: 1-delivered only lamp

2 Lamp delivered with a Panasonic battery 3400 mAh 18650
Lamp Niteye MSR26, tactical flashlight rechargeable by USB micro rear button + side button, a maximum output of 1080 lumens (2 x CR123) and a range of 265 meters. The lamp is resistant to IPX-6 projections of water and falls from a height of 1.5 meters.
The maximum autonomy is 250h 1 Lumen and 1080 Lumens 0.8h Turbo mode.

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