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Trend Women’s Fashion Accessories

Feminine accessories are known for fashionistas like the icing of a cake look. Want to spice up with something but do not know how your look? Choose cool accessories and will never go wrong. She is finding her blouse too bland to be smooth and without details? A maxi necklace can change everything and it is not difficult to […]


Fashion and Jewelery from France

Now that we have it, the spring, I can finally realize an idea that has haunted me for a whole time. I would like to start a little blog series, where I take you on a journey that takes us to our European neighbors and to other corners of the world. For in spring, the […]


Engagement Rings and Alliances

The year 2017 is almost here, and with it new stages of our life and new paths to take, and for many means commitments and marriages, decisions that are not taken lightly and less with any ring.


Coral Jade: Is It Worth It?

Good morning to all lovers of fashion, designers, stylists and also to lovers of jewelry and accessories. As always, a new Tuesday, a new story. The summer season has begun, and I remembered that I have not been to the sea in a long time. And most importantly, I have never been to scuba diving […]


Tips on How to Use Mix of Bracelets

Barely out of the European summer and is already arriving in Brazil making a great success. If it was nice to use several bracelets, now the fashion is to make a great mix of materials, shapes and styles – bracelets, bracelets, chains and even the watch, all together, will adorn the wrists of the Brazilian this […]


FUN FACTS about Jewelry

Have you ever wondered how pearls are formed or where the tradition to give a diamond on the engagement? We have the answers to these questions now anyway, and still more. Extra for all jewelry lovers among you, we have compiled a small list of all fun facts about jewelry. Read yourself and test your knowledge of fun […]


TOP 5 Maxi Necklaces

Came another TOP 5 video and today, I’m going to show my requests maxi favourite necklaces! Always use in videos and in looks, so I’m going to show some of them to inspire you and can find too!


The Most Wonderful Heart Earrings You’ve Ever Seen

The most wonderful Heart Earrings you’ve ever seen here, in Frances jewelry. Check out the models that do more success among our clients. Who doesn’t have at least an accessory of heart? Here at Frances Jewelry we have several products with this format, ranging from necklaces to rings. Today we will show the earrings that heart that rock. And […]


Check out Our 5 Best Selling Launch Earrings

Today the text for you, dealership. Some of our releases are making the biggest success and we want to share with you what the best selling earrings on our site. Check out parts and work in sales: Earring Of Polka Dots, BÚZios And Veneer Shell In 18 K Gold The collection is making the biggest success among […]


Diy Anklets For Rustic Look

If you are a fan of DIY projects and love to try their hands on some new DIY accessories, then we’ve got just the thing for you-DIY anklets. These easy to make anklets are rustic and will make for some great gifts.   Let’s start with DIFFERENT DIY anklet:  According to a2zdirectory, there are three […]