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ANVISA Prohibits Sale of Glasses in Pharmacies

Have you ever heard that sometimes cheap is expensive? In the case of grade glasses, this phrase falls with a glove. According to experts, the use of glasses without medical evaluation can increase by up to 60% the possibility of the user worsening presbyopia (tired eyesight).

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Rockabilly Hairstyle Guide For Girls

It has Yes have you ever heard the term Rockabilly, but what exactly is that?

Originally, it is a genre of music, namely a kind of rock ‘n’ roll at rockabilly and emerged in the 1950s as a young, white musicians from the South of the United States newly interpreted the black rhythm and blues and country music mixed. Famous musicians of rockabilly are Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

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Proper Blow Dryers

Professional Hair Dryer Diffuser for Hairstylist Windy Cover Orange Professional Hair Dryer Wind Shield Red Silicone Dedicated Curls Styling

A blow dryer is not just a blow dryer, and there is often a big difference between the qualities of blow dry. Many women and men blow dryer their hair almost every day and that is why it is a good idea to invest in a proper hairdryer – which dries out and damages the hair as little as possible. Do you want to do curls or smooth your hair with your blow dryer? So choose a hair dryer that has these properties, so to save you the most time and gets rid of the need for additional styling tools.

Here, we cover ghd, babyliss, and Cap blow dry. The large selection ensures that you can find the blow dryer to suit your hair, whether you want curls, gentle hair dryer or adding your hair extra fullness and volume by blow-drying.