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My Passion For The Snowboard

Hola a tod@s!

My name is Iani and I have 27 years. Soy de Bilbao although a few years ago I moved to Granada, to a tiny village very close to Sierra Nevada.

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Fitness Fashion: Lemon Grass

Hello guys!!! And ae girls, ready to start the week with a lot of inspiration and fulfilling the promises of new year? 

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Hopes For the European Football Championship

It would have been a game to complain about the lack of bite as football players often present. They are as if they lived in a very different time. A time when tasteless worn designer jeans were still very fashionable. The problem lies not in the football players themselves, but how they fashion magazines are constantly being hailed as style icons.

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The Most Expensive Running Shoes

And that all is marketing issue. A shoe of €150 is not necessarily the best on the market. A running shoe is usually face materials, technology that carries and, above all, the marketing that is.

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Difference between an Exercise Mat and a Yoga Mat

What difference is there between a yoga mat and a yoga mat?

Dear Followers yogis, yes, there is more! Choose and discover below their variants. Their common ground is that these two accessories are essential for the practice of yoga. Both are floor mats yoga to your standing or sitting exercises. But you-a-tone spoke of their real differences? Why carpets and why mat? Read more …

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Benefits of Train with a Boxing Bag

Boxing is a sport not considered as such by many since it comes from the humbler classes, and their practice has been conducted for a long time underground. In this post we will not stop in this sport, but will simply see the benefits that will provide us the use of a punching bag, Since it is a different way to work our bodies while we ease tensions.

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Sun Salutation for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a very special moment, divine and full of delicious surprises and discoveries! Raises some anxieties, fear of the unknown, even mental and physical discomforts. But all this for be minimized when a woman begins to get to know each other better and to understand this moment in which everything turns, each day during the practice of prenatal Yoga adapt some Asana (physical postures) so that pregnant women can practice and feel good! A tip is to practice the Surya Namaskar, IE, the sun salutation. The series will help more extended the column, arms, legs, prepare the diaphragm (muscle requested during breaths), in addition to bringing warmth, strength and endurance required during pregnancy and in childbirth.

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Kiprun SD Running Shoes Reviews

This year 2014 Kalenji surprised us with brand new designs. Above all, it caught my attention on the new Kiprun SD and the promise that reached stores announcing their weight reduction with respect to the 2013 model.

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