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Go to the Fishing and Back without Any Fish?

If you like fish have probably been through difficult moments during the practice of this sport. A fishery, as all activity, has its secrets in order to be successful. For this reason it is not uncommon that the fishermen return home without catching any fish. Has this ever happened to you? In the article below you will check what can be wrong when you come back from fishing without any fish.

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Myths About Black Bass Fishing


1.the bass not pica during spawning

This is one of the most ancient beliefs, followed to the letter by a surprising number of fishermen. And it is not surprising, as it contains enough elements of truth that manage to fool us. During spawning, the females nesting not actively look for food, that is very true.

But these fish will eat if you have them easy prey (often the biologists found nesting females whose stomachs are filled). More important still, during this season, the bass attack, otratara remove anything – a plastic worm or a lure, for example – is perceived as a threat to the eggs from the nest.

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The 4 Problems with Fishing Equipment

Every activity has its secrets and its techniques. The professional must know to handle your equipment well and identify common problems in them, as well as learn to avoid them. So there is good fishing compete many factors, being that most of them can be controlled by the fisherman.

The correct use of the fishing equipment contributes enough to prevent disorders. Check out the main problems with equipment that disturb the fishing!

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Meet the 7 Preferred Destinations for Fishermen

The Brazil is abundant in rivers, lakes and in your coast. With so much water, it is not difficult to find excellent fishing destinations.

If you’re already thinking about the next holiday, check out ideal destinations to combine rest and fishing without having to leave the country.

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What to Bring to a Barranco Fishing?

The barranco fishing is very popular. She is a type of fishing practised especially by beginners. Although without quite simple, it’s always good to prevent yourself, giving all the necessary items.

Choose a suitable location, not too exposed to the Sun, or that offers many dangers (very moist soil and rocky are unreliable). Try to inform more about geographical aspects of the area, the speed of the currents, the places of greater depth, the water level. Also make sure the weather for the day.

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How to Choose the Best Chair for Your Fishing Boat

If you like to go out in your boat for a fishing trip on weekends, it’s good to count on gear to ensure safety and comfort. A good Chair for your boat provides convenience, prevents problems in the body and contributes to a better yield in fishery. How about giving some tips for choosing the best Chair for your fishing boat?

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How to Choose a Metal Water Bottle

metal water bottles are ecological and after the shock on leaching plastic water bottles which cause cancer ‘things’ in the water who drank them, many people are turning to the metal water containers.

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Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines


David speaks. We continue to meet the demand for products in our Pescacosmar online fishing store.

Today we bring you our best offers on fluorocarbon threads. Follow the links for more information!

Fluorocarbon fishing thread Gorilla UC4

For years the Gorilla UC4  fishing line of  the Tubertini brand has been one of the most famous threads used by fishermen in all types of fishing.

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Awesome LED Flashlight Provides 90,000 Lumens

LED technology can provide surprising results, and shows it a user of YouTube, which has published a guide to build a singular flashlight based on combined 10 LEDs bulbs of 100 Watts, offering an impressive result.

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European Fishing

· What should be the conservation policy for the future?
· How to organize the control of the various fishing activities in the best possible way?
· How to respond to the economic difficulties of the fishing sector?
· How to involve the media more involved in the decision-making process?
· What role should the European Union play in the international arena?

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