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How to Choose a Metal Water Bottle

metal water bottles are ecological and after the shock on leaching plastic water bottles which cause cancer ‘things’ in the water who drank them, many people are turning to the metal water containers.

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Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines


David speaks. We continue to meet the demand for products in our Pescacosmar online fishing store.

Today we bring you our best offers on fluorocarbon threads. Follow the links for more information!

Fluorocarbon fishing thread Gorilla UC4

For years the Gorilla UC4  fishing line of  the Tubertini brand has been one of the most famous threads used by fishermen in all types of fishing.

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Awesome LED Flashlight Provides 90,000 Lumens

LED technology can provide surprising results, and shows it a user of YouTube, which has published a guide to build a singular flashlight based on combined 10 LEDs bulbs of 100 Watts, offering an impressive result.

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European Fishing

· What should be the conservation policy for the future?
· How to organize the control of the various fishing activities in the best possible way?
· How to respond to the economic difficulties of the fishing sector?
· How to involve the media more involved in the decision-making process?
· What role should the European Union play in the international arena?

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How to Get a Fishing License

To practice recreational freshwater fishing, every fisherman must pay a contribution to get his own fishing card. She gives him access to rivers, lakes, ponds, that they belong to the State or to private individuals.

What is a fishing license?

The fishing card is an official licence that entitles a person to practice fishing in freshwater in 1st and 2nd class. It’s all scopes of water who belong either to the State (banks, banks of rivers, rivers, navigable canals) or be private owners that allow access to their area.
The card is obtained by simple payment of a membership fee to an AAPPMA (authorized fishing and aquatic protection association), the amount paid, contributing to the maintenance and protection of aquatic ecosystems and fish heritage.

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Float Tube Fishing Guide

What is the Float Tube?

The float tube is a small ring in the shape of a ‘V’ or ‘U’ and in the beginnings of the technique, we found them in “O”. Invented by the United States, to reach inaccessible spots of the edge, she replaces often bulky vessels and goes to work in just a few minutes! Easy to carry, it gives us all the advantages of a fishing boat classic without the drawbacks. It is very cheap: no engine to power, minimum maintenance for maximum pleasure! Propulsion will therefore made by your own muscles, allowing approaches to spot without noise and in the perfect position. You can see the float tube it’s many benefits, greater freedom and pleasure of fishing to its maximum!

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How to Choose a Fishing Hook

The Leaded Head

With the arrival of the lure, the fishermen saw the rays fulfill an essential accessory for this fishing: The leaded head! The range is amazing and it is often difficult to choose. From classic head specialist head made only an illusion, shapes, sizes, fitting out and often their color, we are spoiled for choice.

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Fishing in Ecuador

Saltwater fishing

For saltwater fishing, there are two main points in the Ecuador: the Galapagos Islands and the mainland coast of Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands are the perfect retreat for those seeking to bring your family or have a good time with friends. Famous worldwide for extensive migrations of all kinds of pelagic fish, the Galapagos are a destination that promises good opportunities with blue, black and striped marlin. Complete vacation packages are available for all budgets and all sizes of groups. The small town of Puerto Ayora, home to all fishermen, is the economic center of the archipelago, with the largest population and largest number of tourist facilities.

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