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Prowell F59R Vipor Cycle Helmet

If you take some time looking for a good helmet for cycling at a good price, this is your time to do it with the helmet cycling Prowell F59R Vipor F59R.

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Cycling Tour of Rio Grande Do Sul

With 2.2 Class Status In The World Ranking, Competition Will Visit Seven Cities In The South Of Brazil

Considered one of the most disputed and organized competitions of the continent, the Cycling Tour of Rio Grande do Sul arrives at its 3rd edition in April 2016, with great enthusiasm and passage through the cities of Novo Hamburgo, São Francisco de Paula, Cambará do Sul, Campo Good, Caxias do Sul, Gate and Farroupilha. The competition has class 2.2 status in the UCI world ranking and will bring together athletes from Brazil and abroad.

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How to Choose a Metal Water Bottle

metal water bottles are ecological and after the shock on leaching plastic water bottles which cause cancer ‘things’ in the water who drank them, many people are turning to the metal water containers.

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Bicycle Lighting is Revolutionizing

The bicycle lighting of the future to be revolutionised with the Revolights. Kent Frankovich, Adam Pettler and Jim Houk jointly developed the idea to the Revolights that aims to make the cycling in the future more secure.

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Awesome LED Flashlight Provides 90,000 Lumens

LED technology can provide surprising results, and shows it a user of YouTube, which has published a guide to build a singular flashlight based on combined 10 LEDs bulbs of 100 Watts, offering an impressive result.

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Pierangelo D’Agostin Cycling Collection

lindeberg with Creative Manager Pierangelo D ‘Agostin spearheaded continues to convince.The upcoming Spring collection has innovative Japanese fabrics, clever detail solutions and a figure-hugging silhouette has taken the concept of techno couture step on. Manolo has looked closely at the maybe most telling garment for the entire collection.

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Best Water Bottles for Travelling

The sustainable use and the viewers eye, high-quality drinking bottle.

Plastic bottles rather than the wonderful hörppimisen, we recommend that you invest in a sustainable and secure water bottle by Sigg-praise is the best on the market. The size of this bottle is 0.6 L.

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Jennie Stenerhag Cycling

Our site: Jennie Stenerhag, Falu CK, and Lucas Eriksson, Team Serneke Allebike CK, Cykelvasan won yesterday.

For the eighth year in a row was settled today Cykelvasan 90 between Sälen and Mora with 13,000 participants registered. New this year was that dame tiny started at 7:30 a.m., which was 45 minutes before the Lords, and had to settle for victory without butting with Mr. racers.

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Cheap Bike vs Expensive Bike

Gadgets: How much better is it really a bike that costs 150 000 compared to 10 000? The weekend long reading about a duel which in every way is hard and uneven.

One of the first and greatest insights and new riders will be painfully aware that cycling can be hysterically expensive. But cycling do not need to cost the earth. We took one of the absolute most expensive bikes, and set it against an entry-level bike. A highly disproportionate compared to the core question-what is the difference?

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Cycling Competition

Bike Competition is almost as long as the bike. In fact, the original use of the sport the only one that was made with bikes. This applied both to balance bikes and bike for the first phase, velocipeden. Therefore, you the origins of cycling, both on the track and on the road, can hardly describe without involving the development of the bicycle. These two stories are interwoven. Article arrangement:

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