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Cartridge Ortofon 2 M Bronze

The Ortofon 2 M bronze (325 euros) offers prominent treble and rich bass.

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A pickup from the vinyl master series (2/04) you preferred the bronze from the 2-M family due to the higher output voltage, which is not so great demands on the signal to noise of the phono, audio trade. In contrast to the cheaper 2 M Brothers red and blue (8/07) has silver-plated copper coils, a fine-line needle and a slightly harder case the bronze. Therefore, an upgrade through pure needle exchange by the cheaper model on the bronze is not possible.

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Subwoofer-ELAC MicroSub

The ELAC MicroSub (900 euros) is more than just a subwoofer in the sum of its properties. In small spaces, it can replace a small stereo system.

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A substantial background of plunging down rocks and similar major events managed the MicroSub ELAC only at neighborhood-friendly moderate volumes, for a room-filling excitation of large living room simply lack membrane surface. There are only a little over 80 decibels, which give him the measurement microphones from stereoplays laboratory called TEST factory purely property, more prevent the gently working limiter.

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Oculus Rift Wins New in-Ear Earphone; Know

Oculus VR , the manufacturer of Oculus Rift , today announced the launch of a pair of in-ear earphones compatible with the device.The accessory will be an alternative for users who do not want to use the standard headphones that come with the virtual reality device.

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What Is the Best Source For CCTV?

Talks my friends this is Everton, and today I prepared a video to talk about fonts right, I received some questions regarding source, the difference, which is more advantageous, and today I’m going to talk a little bit about ta sources?, I will try to be very brief for I don’t stretch much the video, so if I jump something there leave to clarify something you ask there, suddenly I do another, or answer.

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What to Expect From Smartwatches

The next war of tech giants, after the tablets and smartphones, will be waged on our wrists. It all started when Google announced, in 2012, which was working on a smart glasses, the Glass Project. Today the project left the paper and he’s the first great wearable (a computer that uses the body) in the industry. The other technology companies, however, have decided to enter the battle of the wearable betting on watches. While the Project Glass must reign absolute in your area, so competition between the smartwatches will be fierce. Giants like Sony and Nike have their templates; others like Samsung and Apple are working on their own. Small businesses are already using crowdfunding to put ideas on the market. Let’s talk a little bit of all of them.

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Earphones Can Cause Hearing Loss

One of the greatest modern ills caused by technology, the hearing loss in young people does not stop growing.According to recent data, one in five teens has some degree of auditory problem, at least in the United States.

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Samsung Shows New Smarter

In a fashion photoshoot, the company showed pictures of the Samsung S2 Gear. The clock must have round display and will not come with Android

São Paulo – after presenting the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge +, Samsung published in your site a photo book. In it, you can see models posing with various products. There in the Middle, however, is one that has not yet been released.

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Do You Want An in-Ear Earphone?

For those looking for a sound-insulated but not so uncomfortable headset, models of the in-ear type may be the right choice.Small and lightweight, models that fit the ear canal also have the advantage of being more discreet than those that surround the entire ear.

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DUB-104 USB 2.0 4-Port Micro Hub

Connect more USB devices to your PC or Laptop

Easily connect your mouse, Flash drive, digital camera, printer, scanner, or other USB device to your computer.

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3D Printer: To Increase The Print Quality

Just as a 3D printer comes from the factory, it does not print optimally for a long time. Use these tricks to improve.

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