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Spirit Online Shopping

Me, city thirty-something I’m not afraid to say that Yes, my look is important. I like to pay attention to my image, to what people may think physically me. And what better ally I found in the brand spirit ! Usually I like to wear classic, sober styles, with just an accessory or something to meet all! And that’s exactly what propose me this brand.

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Vintage Lifestyle on the Godema Part 1

Wow, what a great weekend! I still do not know how to put all the many impressions into words. But first from the beginning. On Saturday and Sunday, the Vintage Lifestyle, an  event organized by the Vintage Flaneur, tookplace at the Godema in Bonn Bad Godesberg. As I know, I am not only an employee of this magazine, but I feel strongly connected to this great project right from the start. I remember well, as the chief editor told me last year that she was planning something ambitious and would be happy about my support. Even though we had naturally hoped for the best, all of us were very surprised at the success. Now, however, the flaneur is not to be restricted to the magazine. In the long run, many great and very exciting things will happen and this first event is just the beginning.
Because I find it all so great and exciting, I have of course offered my help for the last weekend. So I went to saturday with sack and pack and ready to go to my favorite town. Already at the entrance of the fair, I stumbled across the stand of the flaneurs themselves, which was packed with the accessories of Fraulein Wildkirch, Frozen Hibiscus  and Holy Glam. There, there was the first big “hello” with the adorable Miss Dovermann, her better half Mr. Duijm and many old and new faces. I was especially pleased to meet some of the people I met and loved during the last photoshooting of the flaneurs. At the forefront are away Eliza Dotlittle and Lisa of Photography Redtro  to name. The two lively red heads I somehow immediately closed my heart.

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The Sets of Pajamas

In choosing an outfit for sleep at comfort, but always hits that doubt how much we should care about looks. Will Pajamas also follows fashion trend? The underwear influence the fashion world as we’ve seen here, but could it be that the reverse also happens? We decided to add a few inspirations for you to decide your next pajamas and keep stylish and beautiful even while you sleep!

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Vintage Fair Shrine of Rio De Janeiro

This Sunday (25), 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm, happens on the Castelinho do Flamengo the 5th Edition of the vintage fair Reliquary, which joined the monthly event Swingin’ on Sundays to do a date more complete. The fair has clothes and accessories vintages, groceries, drinks and craft beer.

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Tips to Make a Pajama Party

Entertain the kids on vacation is not easy thing, isn’t it? To help you with that, we thought we’d give tips of a slumber party or a sleepover, like we did when we were kids. First of all you need to know the number of guests. Ideally, just four children, since depending on age things can lose a bit of control.

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Shorts Sets Summer

One of the most obvious parts of summer is short. It is no secret that the piece is a favorite of women this season, after all, is comfortable, fresh and still leaves the legs out. Stripped they are ideal for walks, travel and also for the day to day.

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5 Pajamas to Sleep Comfortable at Any Time

Rest time is one of the most important. After a tiring day of work, recharge is key to start over and ensure a new day full of willingness. So, for a good night’s sleep, it is essential to have a ritual to ensure a better quality sleep.

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How to Customize a Football Jersey

If they are used to support a fan’s favorite team or used by players, football shirts can be customized to reflect your personal tastes. You can add your own name to a jersey NFL style, or create custom graphics for your local youth or amateur league football team. You can customize shirts online, through resellers or your own country using their own supplies.

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Belt Blouse

The traditional belt was invented to suit pants in your body, popularly speaking serves to tie up or hold your pants on your waist.

But as the chicks are always looking for new accessories, seeking a new way of being bold and become more beautiful, these belts have spent not only to tie the pants, but also to blouses.

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Trash the Dress Locations: Locations for the Shoot

Trash the dress-trash the dress should be part of your wedding, lacking only appropriate locations? Several suitable places determined no problem, can be found in your environment. Simply choose a location itself, which is placed at the least with a happy couple in connection.

Trash-the-dress-locations: Locations for the shoot

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