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MyXperia Could Be The Next System of Storage in The Cloud for Sony Smartphones

Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Skydrive, iCloud … many are the cloud storage services that we have available today, and many are manufacturers aiming to expand the capabilities of their terminals offering subscriptions or free space as Samsung has done with its Galaxy SIII. Now, it seems that it is Sony, who works at a similar service for its Xperia.

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Google Play More Than 25,000 Million Downloads and Celebrates It with Applications to 25 Cents

Google just updated figures from the official store of Android and as expected they could not be better: Google Play already has more 675,000 applications and games and have passed the 25 billion downloads.

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Ice Cream Sandwich Already This Present at 20.9% of Devices Android, Jelly Bean 1.2%

We return with more data on Google’s mobile operating system, this time on the distribution of updates that there are currently more than 480 million Android devices that exist in the world. Data were collected over a period of 14 days ending on 4 September.

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Android Surpasses 500,000 Applications in Google Play and The 15 Billion Downloads

At the beginning of last December, as usual, Google surprised with the growth of Android figures. No less than 10 billion downloads, which launched the 10 billion promo. Shortly thereafter, Andy Rubin announced the figure of 450,000 applications in Market Play Store.

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Android Gingerbread Already Is Present in 58.6% of Devices and Ice Cream Sandwich at 1%

We already have official data on the distribution of versions Android in the more than 250 million devices to date of February 1. Few have been the surprises where as last month, the version with the highest growth has been Gingerbread.

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Discomfort of Developers Android Due to The Delay of Monthly Payment for Sales in Play Google

Paying 30% of the benefits of the sale of applications in Google Play Google, it is not normal that there is a support service to resolve the question of pending payments developers for Android applications. This month seems quite complicated for developers, at least Europeans, that sell applications on Android Since Google is has delayed in their regular day 2 monthly payments. Today even revenues have not been received for the sale of applications.

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The 1.6 Percent of The Devices Android Already Carry Ice Cream Sandwich

As every month, Google has already updated the current situation of the distribution of versions that there are more than 300 million Android devices in the world. Data have been collected over a period of 14 days ending March 5.

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Already There Are More Than 300 Million Active Devices and More of 450,000 Applications in The Android Market

This morning Mobile World Congress 2012 has opened its doors to the public. There to part of companies show their latest also put us a day on their sales and penetration of its systems on the market.

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Google Maps Navigation

Now, Google even knows where it’s going – at least, if you lead an Android phone with the free Google Maps Navigation to the destination.

And still the Google navigation is likely conquered in the long term an the piece of the market, even if the spread of Android smartphones is not as far advanced.

Now also in Germany

Google has launched the navigation service setting on the Google maps earlier this year, but initially only in the United States. The service now also in Germany is available since June, the software can be loaded via the Android market. About their own icon to get direct access to the target input and can start navigating with just a few clicks.

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Smartphone: Nokia N8

The first model with the new Symbian version 3 is in the starting blocks. Connect has gained a first impression of the new surface.

The Multimedia smartphone N8 to be Nokia’s long-missing touch screen model that can compete with the current competition from Apple and Android. What it is lacking so far: the Symbian developed over many years is still not fully adapted to pure touchscreen models.

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