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Discomfort of Developers Android Due to The Delay of Monthly Payment for Sales in Play Google

Paying 30% of the benefits of the sale of applications in Google Play Google, it is not normal that there is a support service to resolve the question of pending payments developers for Android applications. This month seems quite complicated for developers, at least Europeans, that sell applications on Android Since Google is has delayed in their regular day 2 monthly payments. Today even revenues have not been received for the sale of applications.

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The 1.6 Percent of The Devices Android Already Carry Ice Cream Sandwich

As every month, Google has already updated the current situation of the distribution of versions that there are more than 300 million Android devices in the world. Data have been collected over a period of 14 days ending March 5.

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Already There Are More Than 300 Million Active Devices and More of 450,000 Applications in The Android Market

This morning Mobile World Congress 2012 has opened its doors to the public. There to part of companies show their latest also put us a day on their sales and penetration of its systems on the market.

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Google Maps Navigation

Now, Google even knows where it’s going – at least, if you lead an Android phone with the free Google Maps Navigation to the destination.

And still the Google navigation is likely conquered in the long term an the piece of the market, even if the spread of Android smartphones is not as far advanced.

Now also in Germany

Google has launched the navigation service setting on the Google maps earlier this year, but initially only in the United States. The service now also in Germany is available since June, the software can be loaded via the Android market. About their own icon to get direct access to the target input and can start navigating with just a few clicks.

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Smartphone: Nokia N8

The first model with the new Symbian version 3 is in the starting blocks. Connect has gained a first impression of the new surface.

The Multimedia smartphone N8 to be Nokia’s long-missing touch screen model that can compete with the current competition from Apple and Android. What it is lacking so far: the Symbian developed over many years is still not fully adapted to pure touchscreen models.

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Network Player Meridian Sooloos Ensemble + Control TEN

Music from the hard drive gives little fascination. Not so with Sooloos: the server system ensemble + control TEN (9300 euro) of Meridian networks makes a sensual experience.

Browse cover, album and press play button: as HiFi was easy, before there were hard drives, networks, and MP3 files. Today, many CD fans to spend more time with RIP, archive and tagging their collection than with pure music listening – and find a particular album often harder than in the past in the right-hand in the fullness of the data.

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Touratech iBracket

Accessory specialist Touratech is first stop for bikers, when it comes to upgrades such as exhaust, transport containers and benches for the motorcycle. Because the field of navigation with motorcycle riders is always more in the coming, you will find the appropriate equipment at Touratech consequently also.

A particularly extravagant part from this category is the Touratech iBracket. The name gives it away already – it has probably something to do with an Idevice from the House of Apple. More taken with the iPhone 3 G and 3GS. For these two models, the Touratech acts namely iBracket as a mount for the motorcycle or bicycle.

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Rumor: HTC HD3 Specifications. Do Things Get Interesting?

Yesterday we mentioned that United States will have a version with the HTC HD2 steroids. Today, those 576 MB of RAM are the healthier enviable market, but I just found a story that breaks all schemes: the alleged filtration of specifications of HTC HD3, an authentic Brown beast that would come out this year.

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Huawei – New Flagship with “Wow” Effect

Huawei has turned 2014 with the Mate 7 to a real alternative, if you do not necessarily want to feed the two great sharks in the pool. The Huawei P8 and Mate S then showed this year that the Chinese company has grown to this top level and can even keep it. Not bad, considering how long the smartphone manufacturer is only on our market. On the success so far, Huawei does not want to rest, but still one thing, to constantly to the top to play along. This is why the next flagship will be presented in the spring of 2016 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona and according to own statements of the company the “Wow” factor bring along.

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Oculus Rift Wins New in-Ear Earphone; Know

Oculus VR , the manufacturer of Oculus Rift , today announced the launch of a pair of in-ear earphones compatible with the device.The accessory will be an alternative for users who do not want to use the standard headphones that come with the virtual reality device.

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