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Network Player Meridian Sooloos Ensemble + Control TEN

Music from the hard drive gives little fascination. Not so with Sooloos: the server system ensemble + control TEN (9300 euro) of Meridian networks makes a sensual experience.

Browse cover, album and press play button: as HiFi was easy, before there were hard drives, networks, and MP3 files. Today, many CD fans to spend more time with RIP, archive and tagging their collection than with pure music listening – and find a particular album often harder than in the past in the right-hand in the fullness of the data.

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Touratech iBracket

Accessory specialist Touratech is first stop for bikers, when it comes to upgrades such as exhaust, transport containers and benches for the motorcycle. Because the field of navigation with motorcycle riders is always more in the coming, you will find the appropriate equipment at Touratech consequently also.

A particularly extravagant part from this category is the Touratech iBracket. The name gives it away already – it has probably something to do with an Idevice from the House of Apple. More taken with the iPhone 3 G and 3GS. For these two models, the Touratech acts namely iBracket as a mount for the motorcycle or bicycle.

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Rumor: HTC HD3 Specifications. Do Things Get Interesting?

Yesterday we mentioned that United States will have a version with the HTC HD2 steroids. Today, those 576 MB of RAM are the healthier enviable market, but I just found a story that breaks all schemes: the alleged filtration of specifications of HTC HD3, an authentic Brown beast that would come out this year.

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Huawei – New Flagship with “Wow” Effect

Huawei has turned 2014 with the Mate 7 to a real alternative, if you do not necessarily want to feed the two great sharks in the pool. The Huawei P8 and Mate S then showed this year that the Chinese company has grown to this top level and can even keep it. Not bad, considering how long the smartphone manufacturer is only on our market. On the success so far, Huawei does not want to rest, but still one thing, to constantly to the top to play along. This is why the next flagship will be presented in the spring of 2016 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona and according to own statements of the company the “Wow” factor bring along.

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Oculus Rift Wins New in-Ear Earphone; Know

Oculus VR , the manufacturer of Oculus Rift , today announced the launch of a pair of in-ear earphones compatible with the device.The accessory will be an alternative for users who do not want to use the standard headphones that come with the virtual reality device.

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HTC Bravo and a Bad Picture with Much Juice

If there was a terminal that created excitement in the filtration of the HTC 2010 roadmap, that was undoubtedly the HTC Bravo, reasons not missing, it’s a sort of twin brother of the Nexus One. We had gone a while without talking about it, partly because of the presence media of the Google phone, but today we have an image to which you can get much party.

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LG Invests in Flexible Displays

LG has so far been less known for major innovations than for reliable entertainment electronics.But with their latest investment, they want to change it. LG has long been talking about curved and even flexible displays, which should be installed in the future smartphones. The Flex 2 already has such a display, even if it is not yet 100% mature. A press release from the company shows, however, that the first experiment is now to be a real series production. In South Korea, a separate production facility will be set up to deal with the design and development of flexible displays.

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The Pointer to The Screen Capacitive HTC HD2 It’s Official

Overtook him there for the month of November, they began to see images on a curious attachment to the HTC HD2, it was able to operate on capacitive screens pointer. The idea of the Taiwanese was not to lose the definition in the pulsations which Windows Mobile users are accustomed.

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Miscellany: Android

Rising market
significance:facts, figures and data Admob provides us with figures, data and facts again.This information is, as always, somewhat more US-centered, but show quite an interesting direction of the march, which is worthwhile to look deeper. Of course it must also be mentioned at this point that Admob has been bought by Google (a cartel permission is still pending) and the Google is the driver behind Android. In the current report on the use of mobile devices Admob analyzes the data traffic of Android within the network of Admob. Overall, Admob recorded in March 2010 34 different Android models from a total of 12 manufacturers. Compared to the September report, there are now no more than two, but a total of 11 devices responsible for 96 per cent of data trafficking.

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BREW, Qualcomm Free OS Was at CES

With Mobile World Congress after the corner, little interesting thing have seen relative to the mobile phone during CES, lie, was the HTC Smart and your operating system BREW, but it is not of any reef media, so it seems that few have decided to talk about it.

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