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Iphone 3gs: Preischeck In Europe

Belgium, Italy and now also the Czech Republic
After yesterday it was announced that T-Mobile increases the prices of the iPhones with its small contracts, one or the other surely is considering whether it is worth to purchase a free iPhone in other European countries. So far, the new iPhone 3GS has been unlocked only in Belgium and Italy. Our Czech neighbors have now also caught up with a little delay and have been presenting Apple’s latest generation in their shop windows for several days. However, what prices are calling the mobile mobile providers-I experienced a small surprise…

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Hello Iphone 3g, Thank You Iphone Dev Team

Software 3.0-Jailbreak & Unlock
What are they for people? Who spend weeks weeks working on a provider lured iPhone to unlock all networks? In the net, they appear under pseudonyms such as planetbeing ,MuscleNerd or pumpkin. In formation, the troop is called the iPhone Dev team. And they have done it again: Both iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G can be easily jailbreaken by software and then unlock. What is needed? A computer, its iPhone and a few minutes…

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Android N Developer Preview 2, Hidden Menu Introduces Greater Integration of VR Systems

New products for Android N Developer Preview 2 continue to emerge, and this time we parlaimo a small gem linked to virtual reality systems, increasingly projected to become an integral part of the evolution in both home and mobile.

If we look at the mobile segment, only time will tell if the various viewers, Google Cardboard and the like, are just a passing fad or future developments may make these technologies really usable, however it seems that Google really wants to bet.

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Oneplus 3 With Dash Charge For Under 300 Euros?

The fact that the Chinese are always good for a surprise is certainly proven. Since OnePlus has appeared on the scene and OnePlus One has taught the big players of the industry the fear, the company now provides a welcome highlight every year. And since the first wave of the big flag ships has settled for 2016, the OnePlus 3 comes at the right time to prove itself again as the so-called “flagship killer”. Now the first technical details have come to light. A pricing framework is also planned.

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WebPad Dell Streak in the Test

All that is good and expensive, has packed Dell in the streak. Catapulted the uncompromising approach the Android tablets in your own class?

The price is hot. 626 euros for an Android tablets – this is a sign of self-confidence, are finally to have such devices for less than one-third. But where other manufacturers in every nook and cranny on the respectively cheapest technology, Dell reaches into the shelves with the expensive components.

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The Ipod “Dies”…

…the iPhone thrives-a look at Apple’s quarterly
recession? How to write this? If you look at Apple’s quarterly figures, the word global economic crisis has almost blown away. Apple was once again a record quarter written-well remembered without Christmas has played a role. I do not want to throw now with non-perceptive percentages around me, rather me are facts, which look as follows: 2.6 million Macs, 10.2 million iPods, 5.2 million iPhones. This is the proof of Apple’s success that it can deliver grandiose numbers without Steve Jobs and that people are happy to spend money on good things even in the economic crisis…

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Android N Developer Preview 2, Yet Many News Emerged Today

Continue to blast off small innovations of the new Android Developer Preview 2 N, released the day before yesterday. We are now secondary details, but are nevertheless very interesting. For example, we start with a clarification concerning the new quick setting of the calculator: it turns out that also functions above the lock screen; Obviously Google has judged harmless enough, and we can only agree.

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NAVIGON Mobile Navigator

The first is and remains the best: Navigons mobile Navigator boasts safe guidance and clever features.

NAVIGON was the first to offer of a navigation app in the app store, and quality, the software is still at the front. In addition to the various versions of the country between 24 and 90 euro, there is now also the Telekom Edition, which comes with only basic functions, is free of charge but in the first two years and can gradually be upgraded on the other versions.

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Canon Pixma MG2950 In The Test

The Canon Pixma MG2950 is an entry-level multifunction device for the home. It is very cheap in the price, but shows Macken in the test.

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Android 2.1 Study Available for Developers, Support to Android and Java N 8

Google has officially released version 2.1 of the Android tool stable Studio, listing new products through a video explanation that will follow. Mostly these are the same changes shown in the Preview, then passing to the compiler Jack, support for new Android API N, plus the addition of Lambda Expressions contained in Java 8.

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