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My Living Room Cries Alexander Wang Furniture

I love Alexander Wang. I am very fan of him, from his signature, his collections and Wonderland that creates within the universe Balenciaga. It has I conquered the hearts and I’m not going to deny that feeling increased after seeing their latest foray in the world of decoration. And is that the designer has allied himself with the signature of Poltrona Frau furniture to design a mini collection that leaves us with very good taste.

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Baby Room Furniture: How to Choose the Indispensable Items

Furniture for baby’s room should be chosen thinking on functionality, safety and comfort.

You are in search of furniture for nursery? Then know that some items are indispensable to this room in the House. In this list, it is worth highlighting the birthplace, the Chair of breastfeeding, the dresser and the children’s wardrobe.

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10 Ideas For Organizing Your Kitchen With Recycled Materials

When we have little space in the kitchen always we have to resort to tricks and ideas in order to save everything we have and then find it at first. We are sure that once you’ve had to go digging at the bottom of the closet some ingredient and at the end was not you. Well, maybe these ideas already you won’t with nothing.You’ll find all the first!

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The Keys To Buy A Dryer

Would you like your clothes to dry at full speed?

The clothes dryers help much at home because it allows us to save time and space.

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Fall Leaves Mason Jar Candle

Autumn is the time when the days become shorter and the sun we see less and less. Precisely at this time we need light and heat more than ever. This will help candles – very simple, but ingenious invention that allows not only light, but also comfort. Many of us associate the flame of the candle with comfort, romance – and at the same time something mysterious. Even ordinary dinner will be special if the table is set and light candles.

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20 Ideas For Decorating With Glass Jars

There is currently a very bold slogan, recycle and reuse. These practices are friendly to the planet and lend themselves to create unique and very original decoration pieces. Long ago, our grandmothers taught us to give him a second chance to things that were apparently over its useful life.

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Designer Shower Bathrooms

The shower occupies a prominent place in a bathroom. However, there are many models with different features. Italian shower, hydromassage shower, steam shower… What type of shower choose according to your desires and the implementation of your bathroom? Answers to your questions are in our special feature, so that you can finally acquire the shower of your dreams!

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Sofas And Armchairs LC2 And LC3 By Le Corbusier

Learn about the details and history of the Le Corbusier LC2 and LC3 sofas and armchairs and fall in love with its clean and functional design.

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Floral Vinyl, A Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are a very precious asset that is worth contemplating and take care of while at the height of maintaining it or start it as if it were a work of art.

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How to Make A Dirndl Apron

Dirndl Apron-So You Sew You

  1. Dirndl skirt or Schürzerl, as they say in Bavaria, you can easily sew me.For a dirndl skirt no model is needed. The first thing to cut a rectangle. It should be 100 cm in width, length depends on the length of the skirt. It was nice when the skirt is several centimeters shorter than the skirt.

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