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Turn Handbag into Backpack

Ladies, you’ve certainly already met him. One of the flagship of the women models and who need to have hands free and available. Very smart like system and simple to use, the handbag / backpack is a bag that will be very practical for modern, urban women. With more and more women, so it is an accessory that will make you an indispensable service to help with many tasks.

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Glitter Party Bags

A party or a ceremony of marriage in sight? This is great, we want to talk about the sequined bags that you can match to your party outfits. Over time where you wear a Basic purse with your evening dress and your favorite pumps. Bag & Shoes told you how to find a beautiful bag pouch in sequins and rhinestones to shine all night.

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VAUDE – Bag Production in Germany

The German outdoor outfitter VAUDE has a small film about the production of his bags and backpacks shot where you can get a glimpse at its production facility in upper Eisenbach:

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Summer Bags Sale

2015 summer sale, nicest bags not to miss during the discounts. From Prada to Michael Kors, neon-hued at neutral shades, from large shopper at mini bag, here are the coolest patterns for spring summer 2015.

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What Kind of Shoes To Wear With a White Dress

The white dresses are an option too, either for a look of daily beach or an occasion more special (but never for a wedding!). Are especially recommended for the summer and are phenomenal with tanned skin. It is very important to choose the accessories for a white dress and in particular to choose correctly the footwear; for that, consider the style of the dress and the opportunity to use it. In this article of a explain in detail what kind of shoes to wear with a white dress.

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Type of dress

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Solar Backpack Reviews

Some time ago, Daniel Dombrowski of has made me a backpack with solar panels to test available. The solar backpack consists of four parts: integrated bag, solar cells directly into the backpack , battery box, and adapter set.

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Jost Bags Review

The Jost brand Jost since it was founded 2002 by owner and designer Dietmar for expressive and clean designs that are straightforward but still full of details. The bags and backpacks are timeless on the one hand and on the other hand go with the current trend topic of the Scandinavian flair. All products are made in Europe!

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Benefits of Train with a Boxing Bag

Boxing is a sport not considered as such by many since it comes from the humbler classes, and their practice has been conducted for a long time underground. In this post we will not stop in this sport, but will simply see the benefits that will provide us the use of a punching bag, Since it is a different way to work our bodies while we ease tensions.

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Backpacks and Luggage by GoVinci

There are many types of custom bags and backpacks, but if we go changing the decoration, and also make the child to feel as an artist, you can opt for the drawings of children with rucksäcke und customizable.

These school bags and suitcases with wheels incorporate a transparent framework so that we can get the picture that our children choose. GoVinci backpacks with frame they are indicated for children from age two and are sold in three colors: green, blue and pink.

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Handbags for The Oscar Actress

There appears to be little details that will never be fashionable. A faithful friend of hand bags and that I know how take them with unmatched elegance was the missing Diana of Wales, However, that does not deny that those who chose some stars to the red carpet were of the most fabulous and compete with jewels that led that night.

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