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The Best 20 Car Speakers

The speaker decides whether sound or not sound. autohifi tests eight brand new systems and presents the classics of all price ranges.

Who is the last link in the chain of hi-fi speakers. No matter the quality of the equipment is how high up here – when the wrong speakers in the game, that can negate each yet so sophisticated system concept. Our tests have repeatedly shown that a high-quality speaker must not necessarily cost a fortune. That you get a better sound transducer for more money, our test results show but of course also – folder for folder.

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Pioneer AVIC-F9210B

More reality than illusion: The pioneer is optically slightly – see all its inner values.

Pioneer presents a slippery external device with his VW Navi AVIC-F9210BT (1199 euro). Just eight buttons and a DVD drive and a slot for SD cards are decorated with the very plain-front.

More, there is first of all not to explore. Experience shows however that await you with a sophisticated and at the same time send control interface pioneer Naviceiver – also the new VW AVIC is no exception. The journey of discovery at the pioneer goes therefore only when used on four wheels.

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Samsung LE46C679: Internet TV from Samsung

More and more TV with online connection come on the market. connect Samsung Internet@TV on the test bench has been the solution.

Current TV models offer more frequent Internet clients for online content. Now, a corresponding device from the House of Samsung – the LE46C679 – must make the practice test.

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Kenwood DNX520VBT

Eye-catcher with good facilities: like Kenwood answer to the question “How do I build an alternative to the factory system?”.

Even high-quality plant system “RNS 510” Volkswagen would be in addition to Kenwood chic DNX520VBT (1299 euro) sweat: both optically and haptically the new Naviceiver DNX520VBT for VW models is doing pretty damn well.

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BI-Automotive Media Center

The bi-automotive convinces Media Center as Navi, even if the route calculation could go faster.

The first contact with the Media Center bi-automotive (1200 euros) makes clear: its processing not match up RNS 510 to a factory system as the VW. The more coarse plastic surfaces and large buttons rather reminiscent of the small VW RNS 310 model. Our voltage increases us so with the ignition key rotation – which probably expected?

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D/A Converter Naim Audio DAC

Innovations in D/A converters rarely serve the good sound. But with the new DAC (2600 EUR), Naim is now bringing a truly revolutionary concept.

  1. D/A converter Naim audio DAC
  2. Data sheet

The British HiFi non-conformist Naim has always been considered iron defenders of the built-in CD player. Not without reason: In contrast to separate drive-converter packages, integrated CD player allows to place the system timer for all components involved, the time base, directly at the D/A Converter: This gives as little as possible jitter – best conditions for optimal sound.

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Zenec E > GO ZE-NC2010

The Zenec E > GO reads significantly more data via CAN-bus as other fixed installation Navis. With success?

The Zenec E > GO ZE-NC2010 (1099 EUR) is the pioneer in the vehicle-specific Naviceivern. It reads much more data on the CAN-bus connection of the car than others.

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Loudspeakers Quadral Aurum Orkan VIII

Traditional manufacturer Quadral equipped its Orkan VIII (2800 euros the pair) the eighth generation with the finest ingredients. At the tempting price.

  1. Loudspeakers Quadral Aurum Orkan VIII
  2. Data sheet

Quite honestly: What technology product except brand speakers works indemnify twenty years or longer? The famous washing machine Miele perhaps, but hardly those ever so popular mobile devices, that many are now more important than a hi-fi sound system.

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Speakers Magico M5

The Magico M5 (110000 euros the pair) is so good that it redefines the standards – and addictive in a common way.

  1. Speakers Magico M5
  2. Data sheet

While the framework data suggest once spectacular nothing at all. The M5 is a closed four-way construction of 1.34 meters and equipped with two 9-inch woofers. Nothing special so. Boggles but the weight: 165 kg. Hoppala, you do not see the American. But the combination of entkerntem plywood, plus inner metal frame, plus very massive (concave shaped) baffle that brings a lot on the scale shut.

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Bose Bluetooth Headset

When a Bluetooth headset is presented somewhere in the world, then it’s worth still no message. If connect may test this Bluetooth headset as the first magazine, then not necessarily. But behind this innovative ideas and convinced the results of the pre-test, then already. And both are true to the youngest child of Bose.

Plenty of experience, which is incorporated in the product areas in the chic small Earset audio and noise inside the simply called Bose Bluetooth Headset Handsfree for the ear.

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