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Musical Fidelity M1 DAC D/A Converter

The plate “American I” sounded cautious about the musical fidelity M1 DAC (500 euro) almost as a historical recording, and placed with only very subtle stereo in the depths of space.

  1. Musical Fidelity M1 DAC D/A converter
  2. Data sheet

The most dangerous competition for musical fidelity M1 DAC comes from owning a home: the ultra simple V-DAC for 270 euro was at the test in AUDIO 1/09 the example for how to reach an amazing price-sound ratio by omitting unnecessary design and equipment features.

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iPod Docking Station Edifier Esiena If360

If the music from the iPod, from the built-in drive, or via USB-stick came: the Edifier Esiena if360 (350 euros) sounded powerful and sovereign

  1. iPod docking station Edifier Esiena if360
  2. Data sheet


The Edifier comes from a manufacturer from Beijing since the mid of the nineties devices in-house developed and distributes on the domestic market. But now the Chinese make up to fill the rest of the world with their products. The name of excellently processed Esiena if360 recalls it sure purely random discreetly that the Ferrari vendors from Maranello.

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iPod Docking Station Vita Audio R4i

From the first note, the iPod docking station Vita audio R4i (900 euros) announced that their developers understand their job.

  1. iPod docking station Vita audio R4i
  2. Data sheet

Devices by Ruark from Essex, England, the are in you made have a good name with monitors, AUDIO is wiser. If they devote themselves to iPod to the and with B & W found a top distributor in Germany, more so. After first look is clearly, by the way, that a conflict of interest in selling is not to fear: the R4i from VitaAudio speaks but significantly different customer groups as the two zeppelins by B & W.

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iPod Docking Station Yamaha TSX-130

The all-rounder Yamaha TSX-130 (350 euros) of the Japanese full sortimenters is a multimedia system that leaves nothing to be desired.

  1. iPod docking station Yamaha TSX-130
  2. Data sheet

IPod users not only, but also all other music collector of this world should immediately think about the purchase of a compact plant: Finally, there are the Yamaha TSX-130. The all-rounder of the Japanese full sortimenters is a multimedia system that leaves nothing to be desired. Whether CD or USB flash drive or external hard drive – the TSX-130 takes all on the line. Only one limitation: the data must be in MP3 or WMA format. Also the integrated tuner made a neat figure – the sound via FM convinced anyway, without trade-offs.

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iPod Docking Station RaVoN Medea

The RaVoN Medea (250 euro) occurs sound great, lots of space but needed to properly play out all its strengths especially in the bass.

  1. iPod docking station RaVoN Medea
  2. Data sheet

The model of RaVoN is a Pure iPod dock and goes by the name of Medea. The active rectified box housed in a top processed wood case offers a 2-way system with single chassis a playing down subwoofer for medium – and high sound waived however on manual fine tuning.

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iPod Docking Station Logitech Pure-Fi Dream

The easily readable display of the Logitech Pure-Fi dream (250 euro) shows the title info of inserted iPod; the plastic housing is typical of Logitech no reason for criticism.

  1. iPod docking station Logitech Pure-Fi dream
  2. Data sheet

Logitech is a PC Accessories specialist and has made a name for himself with computer speakers and network players–the Logitech is therefore indispensable SqeezeBox hardly from the network player community. With the Pure-Fi dream, the company can now be a further dock from the stack.

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Ricoh GR II compact System Camera

Ricoh yesterday announced the renewal of its flagship camera, the GR, the only historical model to have been maintained after the acquisition of Pentax.

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How to Choose Speakers for Home Theater

How to shop for speakers to go with your TV screen? How concoct you a home theater that sounds without breaking the Bank?

How to make the right choice to get the most for your money? How many speakers buy?

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How do We Connect IP Cameras on a Single Coaxial Cable?

Always thinking of our customers looking for ways to make projects ed security cameras at the best price possible without leaving aside the quality of each element of our facility. That’s why you have looked for ways to leverage the existing coaxial wiring to transmit up to 4 IP cameras on a single coaxial cable.

To do this we use an EoC Transceiver for Ethernet over coaxial cable with PoE, PoE + or High Power PoE of NVT brand. Which has the following characteristics:

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What does CCTV Stand for?

Circuit is a term that comes from the Latin circuitus and refers to ride closed curve, the route previously set that ends at the starting point or the included land within a perimeter. Cerrado, on the other hand, is something which has no outlet or it is strict.

The concept of closed circuit, therefore, relates to the interconnection of two or more components with at least one closed path. The closed circuit in the electricity involves a set of sources, switches, resistors, semiconductors, inductors, capacitors and cables, among other components.

The closed circuit, the flow of electric current flows between components. Usually, a circuit of this type has producers or consumers current apparatus interleaved manner.

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