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With Portraits of Animals Wall Clocks

We must acknowledge that we are not very of hanging clocks on the walls, but after seeing these timepieces of wall with portraits of animals so cool of us what we are thinking.

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How to Make a Pillow

How to make a pillow personalized with trimmings, lace and crochet and decorate it with special prints, embroidery and all that suggests your imagination

If the cushions that you find in stores are not what you dream for your home, if you pick up a needle and thread does not scare you , or rather the idea you are passionate and curious about you, here are the instructions indeed the tutorial, as they say now, create beautiful pillows and especially unique because made by you, to decorate  your home, but also beautiful and much appreciated gift ideas.

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More Than 10 Very Sweet Gift Ideas

To celebrate a party or an important event we like that everything goes perfectly and that our guests are happy. A way of doing this is to give them a small gift so they remember fondly the celebration, but not always like receiving something that will then take place at home.

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Essentia Ergonomic Pillow Review

Essentis, the new generation of pillow for demanding back.

Modern life that is characterized by a predominant sitting position causes joint problems in general and back in particular.
This pillow is a real “technological leap” compared to the generation of ergonomic pillows wave.
It was designed specifically for La Boutique du Dos by a renowned osteopath.

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Original Wall Clocks

I was watching the reform of a House, one of these houses that are purchased in a State of advanced deterioration and which become houses of design with furniture and details to the last and what most caught my attention was this curious clocks of wall, wall clock actually are the Central hands, which each can be attached in each of the twelve points that mark each time the item you want to.

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See The Furniture and Decor in Liquidation

For those who are looking for change, but don’t want to spend a lot, you can invest in the settlements that the decoration and furniture stores are offering. Reach 70% discounts on items such as sofas, armchairs, racks and much more. Check below some stores that are in liquidation of furniture and decoration.

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How to Choose a Wall Clock

Well chosen wall clock can decorate a piece. Their selection must take into account several important points to buy is not brought disappointment and grief.


  1. You must first determine the heures.Et mechanism of mechanical and quartz watches have their advantages and inconvenients. For example, quartz watches do not have the movement, they are more accurate and easier to use, in addition, they are generally less expensive than mechanical, and the choice of plus. Mur mechanical watches models better suited to a chic environment, they will last much longer and do not need to change the batteries.

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Select Split Air Conditioner 12000

The split air conditioner 12000 BTU may be the best option for your home or office.

If you are looking for an air conditioner, you certainly have heard of splits. They are well known for being appliances economic and silent. The split air conditioner 12000 is one of the most popular options for those who want to cool air in residential rooms with 20m2 and 15 m2 in the case of commercial areas.

Split air conditioning 12000 at home and in the office

The power of the equipment is measured in BTU (Bristish Thermal Unit). To determine what the extent necessary for cooling the space, a calculation is made ​​to relate the area to the amount of BTUs. Some factors also influence this account. They are: incidence of sunlight, the number of people attending the environment, lighting and the amount of electronics in place. Therefore, business rooms need more power, even if the film is similar to a residential room such as a bedroom or living room. If you have questions, learn how to do the calculation.

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Learn about Komeco Air Conditioner

Choose air conditioner that best matches your usage profile and ensure their well-being at home or in the workplace.

If you are looking for air conditioning and have researched some models, you are certainly encountering Komeco air conditioning. The national brand offers products modern and cutting edge to ensure the convenience of people who want to thermal comfort.

The online shop has various types of Komeco air conditioning in cold and hot/cold version with the best prices in the market. Just know what the model that best fits your needs, whether for home or commercial areas.

Learn about the types of Komeco air conditioner

Cassette : the apparatus is very quiet because the condenser is located outside the room. Inside is the evaporation and it can be installed either in the ceiling or in the lining. It also has air drivers to design the air to certain areas.

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10 Items to Consider Before Purchasing the Split Air Conditioner

The split air conditioning is the most modern style, quiet and with advanced technology that ensures energy saving.

Do you want to know how the split air conditioner works? The equipment works with two units: the evaporator (installed inside the house) and the condenser (outside). Just by having two units, the unit produces less noise. These two parts are interconnected by means of pipes that allow a large distance between the units.

Before you bring home your split air conditioner, know what is essential for the device performance:

1) Evaluate the type of housing. This question is related to the fact that your house is covered with tiles, which heat the room, or slab, type of structure that does not heat the room. Information like this is important to set the machine’s power.

2) Take into consideration the room where you want to install (living room, bedroom or kitchen). This will influence the choice for the amount of appliances in the environment, since these devices heat the site.

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