Capri Pants: How to Wear Them

The Capri pants, based on how you choose to wear them, I can be declined in a casual, sophisticated bon ton or: in every case is their name, reminiscent of the most desired holiday in the fifties, the island of Capri, is the indelible image of the stars who have worn them, from Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot through Audrey Hepburn and Laura Petrie, carrying in a vintage and fascinating world to discover.

The classic Capri pants have a high waist, are narrow-leg and end with a measure ¾, mid-calf, between the knee and the ankle. For their intermediate length, are not too well at Minute girls, tending to shorten even more the figure, so it is advisable indossarne a model a bit ‘shorter, more towards the knee terms. Oxfordastronomy suggests that the Capri should be avoided if you have strong and wide hips and calves. It must be said, though, that wear them with high heels attenuates these defects, especially if you choose a model with no pockets and tinsel. If you are minute, then, avoid large models, but if you do not wear them unless robust dark and solid, waive small designs and patterns.

The shoe to match for excellence to Capri trousers is the dancer, although for the physical wear this combination should preferably be dry and slender. Alternatively, between the flat shoes, you can choose sandals or espadrilles, surrounded by huge wedges straw, jeweled sandals and open toe. For an optical effect of lengthening the silhouette try nude-colored shoes with heels: it really works.

For colors boater neutral colors such as black, navy, taupe, combining modern and cool accessories from the pop bright accents, such as bright yellow heels. Pay attention to too bright combinations, if for example the Capri are red and choose a white t-shirt, a pair of black pumps are the perfect complement. Also avoid the pants in pastel colors, they may emphasize too much the childish side of the set, already accentuated by the model.

For a look casual combined with the blacks Capri pants with a shirt in electric blue cotton short-sleeved, adding a bag with brown fringed wedges in cork and sunglasses. If you like the etiquette bets to combine with powder pink pants a black tank top in sets twin with a small golf in cotton with buttons, black patent ballet flats, shopping bag and a pin with a pretty pink camellia. Sophisticated look with the red pants, white shirt, black pumps and bag in neutral colors: strictly red lipstick.