Cap Styles and How to Use: Basic Guide

Among the various styles of caps exist, there is always a common characteristic: its versatility and practicality. Having a good cap from the wardrobe is always a B plan for the days when tidying your hair does not seem an option.
Wear hats and hats leaves bald?

Although dated a long time ago, the cap became popular with baseball. In sport, the accessory was used to protect the players’ eyes from the incidence of the sun, which makes it less difficult to see what is happening in the field. Quickly, sports like golf and other outdoor activities began to adopt the accessory.

Cap Styles and How to Use: Basic Guide

For a long time, the caps were considered accessories little appreciated in the world of fashion, or used specifically for certain niches and styles. Currently, however, its use is much more common in all groups and styles.

The styles of caps, as well as their colors, materials and prices are increasingly varied, which makes it easier to always have one that fits with you. Check out the different styles and some tips for using caps the right way:

Most Popular Types of Caps

Baseball cap

The baseball cap is one of the most popular types, in addition to referring to the original models of the accessory. It is versatile and has several variations. However, because it is one of the most traditional, it is a bit more beaten as an accessory.

Its curved brim and sporty look are not exactly the trend that most modern caps feature, which takes some stylistic points out of the present day. However, it is still widely used for practicing physical activities, or for a quick and casual outing.

The straight flap caps are the current stars among the head accessories. Made in various styles and colors, the model became popular from the skateboard and hip-hop culture, gradually gaining ground in other circles.

More casual and stylish, the straight flap cap can match everything with just the right choice of look – from shorts, to a slightly tidy blazer. It all depends on how much you harmonize the pieces.

Printed Caps

Printed and colored are, in general, straight flap caps. The difference is the amount of colors and messages that can be loaded onto the cap, which makes them deserve their own space. They are not as versatile as ordinary straight flap caps. However, when they talk well with a visual, they hit it right.

They are more full of personality and can be used as one of the prominent pieces of a visual, subverting the role of neutral accessory of the caps. Also, they may reflect more closely the style you use. So it is one of those cap styles that need to have a special space in the wardrobe to be used at the right time.

Caps and face shape

The styles of caps are an important part of the choice, but knowing how to choose so that it favors your face is essential. The general rule is to value the positives and soften the features you do not like so much.

On rounded or heart faces, for example, they benefit significantly from the straight flap caps, which makes the face lines more balanced. These people should avoid using the back flap as it favors in the impression that the face is even more rounded. The opposite occurs for those who have the long face, which is valued the cap back, which gives the impression of shortening the face.

Whoever has a very thin face, on the other hand, should resort to slightly narrower flaps, so that the face does not appear too small compared to the brim of the cap. As you might expect, of course, anyone who is lucky enough to have an oval face, can draw on all styles of caps.