Canon Pixma MG2950 In The Test

The Canon Pixma MG2950 is an entry-level multifunction device for the home. It is very cheap in the price, but shows Macken in the test.

The Canon Pixma MG2950 is an entry-level multifunction device that prints, scans and copies. As a bonbon, it can be connected to the manufacturer service CloudLink via WLAN.For example, it prints documents from Evernote or Flickr photos. As a registration is required, this is not for everyone. Alternatively, the Canon Pixma MG2950 can also be controlled via App Easy Photo Print. The small application can be used to print and scan documents. The device is also compatible with Google Cloudprint. Apple Airprint does not master it, however.

Equipment-Limited To The Essentials

Apart from the possibilities in the Mobildruck, the Canon Pixma MG2950 offers little equipment highlights, according to printerhall. Beside the wireless interface there is only USB for connection to a local computer. However, WLAN and USB can be used in parallel-not all multifunctional devices. In addition, the combi printer brings Pictbridge WLAN to wirelessly output photos. You can print on both sides only by manual control in the driver. Also the printer driver itself is stripped down. So you can only find plain paper, photo paper and envelope as media types to choose from. A maximum of 60 sheets can fit in the tray. The manufacturer also saved on paper output. There is a stopper for the finished sides. Now, if you print several sheets, you can fly them out of the tray.

Consumption-Low Power, High Side Rates

As usual in this device class, the Canon Pixma MG2950 requires little energy at work.Even if the multifunction device has nothing to do, it proves to be modest. In standby mode, we measure 1.4 watts. Since the WLAN module can not be switched off, the value for USB and WLAN does not differ. Plus: Switch off the Canon model completely from the power supply. In the side prices, however, this positive impression can not be confirmed.The manufacturer has installed combi-cartridges, in which the print head and tank form a unit. Even if we use the XL versions with long range, we get 5.5 cents for the black and white side and 8.0 cents for the colored sheet just for the text page on salted prices.

Mixed Picture In Working Tempo

For 10 pages of text, the Canon Pixma MG2950 needs 1:13 minutes. This is a comparatively neat value. If we use quality paper or color, the working temperature drops visibly. So we wait 10 pages from Acrobat satte 6:27 minutes. In scanning, the time values ​​vary fairly within a discipline. Thus, reading a gray scale can take between 11 and 7 seconds-a rather unusual behavior. In color scanning the values ​​are between 15 and 20 seconds. For this, the preview is constant after 7 seconds.

Quality In Printing, Scanning And Copying

The Canon Pixma MG2950 is shown in the test as a good text printer. The letters are sharp and easy to read, although the black cover is fine. The Canon Pixma MG2950 has to be a criticism. In our black and white graphics, it cuts the lower edge very high. In this way we get an incomplete expression. Color prints on plain paper are inherently harmonious, even if the color is somewhat light. After all, the entire content lands on the sheet. But here, too, there is one thing: the Canon model refuses the service when it is to print an A4 photo on photo paper. It works only with the driver setting normal paper, comes here however no photo quality, even if we insert the appropriate paper. It is also possible to print photos in the format of 10 x 15 centimeters, even if they are not borderless printed and slightly moved on the sheet. When copying, the properties continue: a 1: 1 copy will not get you with the device. For this, it cuts too much at the lower edge. Furthermore, several copies can not be selected on the control panel. You must start the process one at a time. The quality of the copies lies in the middle area: Monochrome copies have a quite strong grid, but otherwise orderly. Color copies lose too many details. We also recognize color changes between the original and the copy.

Conclusion: An Einsteigerkombi, But No Bargain

Even if the Canon Pixma MG2950 is very cheap in the purchase, the multifunction device requires the user to many compromises. There is lack of borderless printing, the side prices are high and the quality leaves some to be desired. In addition, features like WLAN or the possibilities in the mobile print can not move. Even for occasional use at home, a multifunctional device should bring all content-whether printed or copied-on the sheet.Here, we find deficits in the Canon model. If you have more than 20 euros in your hand, you will get a multifunction device that will take less compromises.