Can You Cross Legs during Pregnancy?

Is often said to pregnant women, especially older people, who in pregnancy should not cross legs, not in position of Indian, or crossing over each other.

The reasons explaining are varied and worthy of study, but so different between them which, at the end, one does not know if you can cross them or not.

Let’s look at some of these tips or warnings:

• In pregnancy cannot be cross legs because doing so press the legs of the fetus and once it is born it will have crooked on maternity skirts via Babies are floating in a liquid medium and, except in the final phase of pregnancy, I usually overrun much space, so it is difficult to “push them”.

In the last quarter, to be larger, easier to bother you with according to which positions and even you might think that there is likelihood of compression of the baby, but belly size will normally cost many women crossing the legs, and even if they did, the pressure required to bend the legs of a baby (if it is that they can be folded from the outside) should be superior to the exerted by crossing of mother legs.

By the way, has anyone seen once a baby with crooked legs?

• In pregnancy can not cross the legs because but your child will come with turns of lace in the neck.

Many children present during pregnancy a return of cord (or more than one) in the neck. The cause is usually that the umbilical cord is too long or there is an excess of amniotic fluid and therefore space free to allow the fetus to move.

I don’t know, maybe think that crossing your legs one causes that it cross the cord also.

• In pregnancy can not cross the legs because but your child will be born long-eared.

Incredible (but true) that a phrase as well out of the mouth of a person (understanding person as a lively rational being, male or female).

Perhaps in Dumbo elephant mother was crossing legs while pregnant. I do not see another explanation.

• In pregnancy cannot be cross legs because short breathing baby.

Perhaps occurred to someone at some point that if a pregnant woman crossed legs closed the only hole that could get air into baby so you can breathe.

As all know babies they do not breathe in belly since they are floating in amniotic fluid. Do not enter them air anywhere, because they are inside the bag of amniotic, cervix is closed and the mucous plug for safety lock. I.e., that how dangerous it would be to enter air.

• In pregnancy cannot be cross legs because you difficulty the blood circulation of the same.

Finally we come to one that is certain (although almost nobody explains). It is not that they can not be crossed, is that in according to which mothers and according to what moments of pregnancy is not recommended.

As the uterus grows is relying increasingly on the English, where there are arteries and veins that supply and collect blood in the legs.

If a woman crosses the legs or sitting in the Indian position, the blood vessels are pressured to hampering the circulation.

In women who have problems of water retention at the level of lower extremities is recommended not to cross them (although normally the same mother realizes by the tingling is not in the ideal position).

In summary: Yes they can cross legs during pregnancy unless a woman is having problems of circulation and the weight of the uterus on the English is such that compress the arteries and veins.