Camping with Structure or Wild?

For those who follow the blog for some time know I Will, my husband, is an adventurer with a lot more experience than I. Already faced with low-budget mochilões South America, trails in the highest mountains of Brazil, has training in survival in the jungle and is super experienced in campsites, is on the beach or in the mountains.

I build up the curriculum some mochilões by Brazil, Europe and USA. I see easily the dorms of hostels cheap and have camped much in the coast of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but always with the minimum structure of camping: points of electricity, toilets, running water and even a hot shower according to AUTOMOTIVEQNA.

I’ve never experienced the Wild camping, but died of will and curiosity! Especially when the Will was coming back from each adventure and shared with me the photos, videos, stories and sensations.

Every night sleep in campsites, I stood there wondering how I’d feel asleep that same tent, but without human neighbors around, without the bathroom 200 metres from the tent, without power to help turn around overnight. Intense!

So, soon after completing around the world and then drive to meet the cities of the Old Path of the Estrada Real (understand more about this script in this post), finally had the opportunity to experience the camp without any structure, on top of a mountain of Minas Gerais.

And, let me tell you: it’s not for everyone! � It takes an extra load of selflessness and courage, but the feeling of waking up in the middle of the exuberant nature and in harmony with her is the best! For lovers by intense experiences, recommend to grab the next opportunity and experience the Wild camping, taking into account the following topics:

– Comfort: are big chances of a less comfortable in a structured camping. After all, usually at sites that pay to camp on the ground is more smooth and prepared to receive the tents. In Wild camping, you will have to find, in the Woods, a place without large tree roots, rocks or ripples that impair sleep.

– Equipment: the ideal places to perform Wild camping are insulated and, therefore, usually you will have to do a good trail to get there. So, you can’t take all that equipment it is possible to take in the car when we go to campsites. Forget the air mattress, cliques, nightstand, etc. and such. Concentrate on taking only the essentials.

– Planning: you just can’t get to the place of Wild camping during the night. After all, it is impossible to mount equipment in complete darkness of night without electric lighting. Plan to arrive before 4:00 pm, for a timely manner before the day comes to an end … otherwise, you’ll have to sleep outside. Hehehehe

– Security: security in the question, you have to be mindful always. However, there is an essential difference between the two types of experiments: In camping, ideally your tent and equipment are in a place of good visibility, to inhibit potential wise guys that come near your space. Already in the Wild camping, the safest route is to blend. Look for a place little exposed and with more difficult access, it’s virtually impossible that a bad guy wants to face a long trail just to tease an adventurer.

And despite the butterflies I felt while standing in the middle of nowhere only with our tent, sleeping bags and camp stove, the experience was very positive, the sensations and unforgettable visuals! Wake up with the sunrise and follow the sound of the wind, swaying plants and animals waking up … what a beautiful!

I therefore recommend that you try it! But, before that, inform yourself and find friends who have experience and/or to take this adventure with you!