Briefs – Boring Without Ideas?

Interesting information that will change your perspective on this cut of men’s underwear.

Most men own a pair of men’s briefs, and for a very good reason. Men’s briefs are in fact a guarantee of comfort and even though they were briefs in recent years pushed boxers or even men’s thong, his position again recovered. Why is this so? will tell you that men’s briefs have a long history. The first briefs began to be produced in 1935 in Chicago, as an alternative to editing jockstrap. Slips, however, and became popular due to its simplicity and comfort when worn so got in the closet, perhaps every man. But then came the time decay and underpants became a symbol of boredom and old age.

Briefs today

Men’s briefs are recently re desired item in the range of underwear for men. Slips in fact ceased to be a gray boredom without an idea, on the contrary, panty cut began to develop and today you can buy briefs higher or lower shear with pouch classic, anatomically shaped or supplemented with push-up effect. Briefs are made ​​of pliable material that adheres to your body and you give her so sexy look. Yes, you read correctly even in his underpants can be sexy. Hot news briefs are then sewn from high-quality mesh, which is a really big concern.

When you take briefs?

Like most styles of men’s underwear, briefs also have several variations for different occasions. Slips are mostly used for casual wear, sexy evening. Slips but can be worn during sports activity. Their comfortable cut allows almost every activity, both in summer and in winter.

Pros and cons


+ Briefs are very comfortable and suitable way for almost every activity.

+ Recently gained great popularity and reach once again among the fashionable and trendy clothes.

+ New design and processing panty style.


– Underpants had previously sticker unfashionable clothes, but today it was different. Even so, you may be mocked people who are a little behind the times.


When buying underwear is important to choose the right size. Find its size by measuring your waist and then comparing the size of the table tags. Where? Briefs have a stone shop and Internet. It should be noted, however, that online stores will offer a much wider range of design and sophisticated models.

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