Bridal Makeup DIY

If you want to try to make a DIY makeup for your wedding day, here are some valuable advice and many beautiful inspirational pictures.

Get to the wedding day with a bright face and radiant is the dream of all brides, but to treat him better and to enhance our strengths, we need a perfect makeup and that suits our look.

For those who want to “dare” thinking to DIY makeup for the most important day, here are small tricks to help you create a natural, simple and personalized bridal makeup.

Go for evidence in resigning days, going to buy quality facial tricks, preferably waterproof and more durable as possible, so you don’t have to make further adjustments in the course of the day.

A couple of weeks before marriage have a nice facial and the day before a nourishing mask , relaxing and invigorating, so as to keep as cool and hydrated can the face before makeup.

For your makeup avoid using poor quality products but rather, take the best offer, because we won’t have to risk smearing and unwelcome imperfections during the marriage.

The trick is to keep a natural look and lightweight, obviously have thanked “color strokes” where we want to enhance parts of our face: colors from white to peach eye shadows, a thin line of black eyeliner around an elegant look, lip gloss or Lipstick of soft colors and delicate lips.

For those who have particularly fleshy lips and Nice, even a color brighter may be ideal, always balancing the whole with a sober and elegant make up the final. In our gallery we give you some ideas for a DIY wedding makeup natural and customized, enjoy!