Bridal Jewelry for Wedding Day

You will not choose the same jewelry for your outfit if you go to a wedding in the morning only in the late afternoon. In this article, we tell you which jewels will be highlighted by daylight.

The day weddings have a lot of charm but it is sometimes difficult to choose her look accordingly. If you get married by day, you will need to look after your outfit in great detail as there are certain rules to follow. In this article, we talk to you more particularly the accessory choices important: the jewelry. Here are our tips to help you choose them:

You can wear the type of jewelry you want, because everything is allowed : rings, bracelets with a sleeveless dress, earrings when wearing hair tied a collar if your dress is low-cut… provided good sure they are matched to your entire outfit and by the time the event takes place. To well worth your covenant marriage, it is still better not to wear other rings.

By day, it is better to choose a single element visible and focus on, such as rings, a necklace to dress up your cleavage, or a beautiful pearl bracelet.

Anyway, your jewelry should not be too flashy or shiny. By day, they will tend to opt for a warm look , relaxed and fresh, complete with an accessory that stands out the set. You can also bet on a elegant adornment but sober, with a crew-neck-collar having a pendant.

Try to choose jewelry that looks light, delicate, and is made from quality materials. You can orientate yourself towards gold as well as silver, just like vintage style vintage jewelry. Do not hesitate to bet on classic pearls because they are your allies for a wedding during the day.

Feel free to add a touch of color to your look, the days of weddings allow to use a range of original colors: pastel colors such as pink, blue or green water, for n ‘To quote only a few, are welcome in your outfit. Choose jewelry of your favorite color, or a color that matches the look of the groom, and in particular to his shirt, his tie or his buttonhole.

Make sure that the color chosen for jewelry goes well with the color of your eyes , your hair, your complexion. You will also need to ensure that all of your accessories is harmonious : think about the shape and color of your bouquet, your shoes, your hat if you wear one, your veil, hair accessories, gloves…

Of jewelry patterns are also allowed, be it a plant or floral motif, arabesques, hearts or small geometric shapes. If you have chosen a simple dress, this accessory will brighten up your look a little.

And you, have you chosen the jewelry for your wedding outfit? How are they and what are the elements you took into account in your decision?